Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by Mark Klaver, Helping Gen Z Meet A Timeless Record

From Suffern, New York, Mark Klaver is covering a legendary song today with an unrivaled take on it. John Mayer’s fans all too well know the lyrics to Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. And honestly, probably no other new artist in the world would have better schemed the irresistible record. If we were to stay true to descriptive terms, Mark Klaver’s remake is a mesh between EDM and Pop-Rock bound by his distinct, unfairly beautiful voice. “I’ve always wanted to take an acoustic song and make it electronic. And this song right here has been a jam of mine for a long time,” shares Mark Klaver exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Whereas the original starts with the drums right away, Mark Klaver’s version is a softer intro with more of the guitar and less of the thump. The beauty in listening to the two records side by side, if you’re mental enough to do it like we do, is that Mayer offers you a vintage, roomy experience filled with reverb while Klaver grants you an intimate, first-person acoustic voyage.

And hello there smooth talker! Or should we say singer in this case? At second 28, Mark Klaver claims his charm over the audience: “It’s not a silly little moment/ It’s not the storm before the calm/ This is the deep and dying breath of/ This love that we’ve been working on.” Sincerely, it wouldn’t make a damn difference if the artist was speaking to a specific love interest or us, the audience. Mark Klaver is so inherently suave in his delivery that you feel instantly pulled in and forget you may not be the recipient of the message 😀

After a gorgeous “we pulled too many false alarms” rendition where the singer breaks the monochrome melodic pattern, followed by the famous “We’re slow dancing in a burning room” line, the EDM part of the song kicks in. We witness a dazzling array of synth clashes, warm drums that almost resemble thick claps, distant, dreamy echoes, Mark’s airy vocals, and a sexy ass guitar that engulfs your senses into velvety dreams.

The second verse made us curious if Mark was going to say the B-word as he almost never swears! And indeed, he owned it and made you feel like one for a second: “You’ll bе a b*tch because you can/ You try to hit me just to hurt me/ So you leave me feeling dirty/ ‘Cause you can’t understand.” Mark, whatever she did, we’re sorry!

And if you thought that was a lot to take in… You’re not ready for the bridge. “Go cry about it, why don’t you?/ My dear, we’re slow dancing in a burning room.” What is this phenomenal thing he’s doing? ‘Cause it sounds like crying, screaming, shouting, singing, all at the same damn time. We’re mostly ’90s kids here at BRE and there’s one guy that came to our mind who was melting hearts left and right in a very similar manner about a decade and a half ago. Him. With this epicness in the air, the cover slowly announces its end and the singer leaves with an endearing acapella outro.

Mark Klaver gifted us a cover like no other that is to be appreciated as it preserves the distinctive romantic notes John Mayer used to lead with in his heyday while simultaneously adding a soft EDM spin to it.

Song Credits: Mark Klaver – Singer; Devin Belanger (Miles Away) – Music Producer.

Make sure you support the romantic Mark Klaver by streaming Slow Dancing in a Burning Room on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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