Bigger in Texas by Mista C4 and Jay G, An Exquisite Banger Loaded With Motivation

Texas we got a question. How come y’all bringing more heat in your tracks than half of America combined? Mista C4 and Jay G from Waco, TX, are two artists certain of their lyrical worth who flaunt a greedy keenness to turn the audience into their partying comrades on their latest collaboration, Bigger in Texas. A golden touch of the late ’90s mixing style, an abundance-rooted narrative, a smooth but aloof delivery – all ingredients that beautifully collapse without warning thus gifting you, the public, a high-class acoustic adventure. “The idea came from the meme Everything is Bigger in Texas. We were in the studio “clowning” and also it’s like our version of the Houston, Texas “Still Tippin”,” shares Jay C exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The bass guitar and incipient sombre piano give off an overwhelmingly rich but tranquil vibe. Not to mention that the animated version of the cover artwork does wonders for mood points. “Well it’s that champagne Cris’ sipper/ Rollin’ on them vogues/ Actin’ bad on them 4z/ Diving deep off in you h*es/ I drink my Henny ice cold/ They say it’s bigger out in Texas/ When you cop it by the load,” commences Mista C4 with the hook. Contrary to ultra-modern minimalistic productions, the rapper’s vocals are neatly and heavily layered. A feature that’s only been kept alive by few independent artists. All from Texas apparently. Mista C4’s voice is delivered in a tone cold enough to suggest a big personality fit for the Bigger in Texas title.

We’ll be honest, Jay G’s voice sounds like he’s at the very minimum, cousin with Mista C4. However, judging by the song credits (which you’ll find at the bottom of the article), they’re not. “Out of town bound/ And you know what’s the topic/ Big money sh*t/ And a playa trade options/ Open up that yea/ With a bag full of dolphins,” raps the aforementioned artist. By spacing out his bars and accentuated rhymes, Jay G majestically creates a sophisticated yet street-like swag-filled atmosphere. Not your prep boy type but equally not the fake-rich corner boy. When we’re talking trading and options, somebody’s been making some real money along with financial education.

And then that smooth pandemic reference is on another level: “You can call it an epidemic/ How the whole city coughing/ Flood the Streets everything vacuum sealed/ Grab this cash the only way/ Imma touch these M’s/ I cop the white myself/ It ain’t no need for a spotter.” Jay G then proceeds to alter the flow pattern in rather abrupt yet non-invasive ways. Pay attention for example to his break at white before myself. He sometimes stops on a vowel or at the end of a word in the middle of the bar and you easily miss his flow. He succeeds in sounding consistent but beams with unpredictability.

True to what we just highlighted, Jay G inserts a mini-hook inside his verse by doubling up the following four lines: “We roll the gas and pop a bottle/ Cuz we finally here/ City to state to every hood/ We getting paid this year yea.” If some songwriters are very in your face with their skills, Jay G is something like expensive whiskey. First, you get enticed by it. Then you sip. Then you get hit. The gradual discovery of his pen game is something extraordinary.

If you’re a devoted Christian, exit now please 😀 “Boy this is the life/ Poppin bottles f*cking models/ Chains incrusted with ice/ Raise the stakes too high/ Got them droppin’ the price/ I run circles around squares/ And turn a nun into a dyke,” thunders Mista C4 with little but potent profanity that rather expectedly, sounds awesome. Mista C4 exudes so much confidence that there’s a touch of eeriness in his voice. A tinge of a party animal is most definitely palpable.

There’s also a hilarious moment in Mista C4’s verse: “Good brains Mamacita/ Oh mami don’t stop/ They say it’s bigger out in Texas/ Check the stones in my watch.” You can’t say you didn’t think about other bigger things after good brains 😀 But Mista C4 stops you right in your tracks and redirects your attention on the watch, duh! What’d you think? 😀 Oh! And there’s an unexpected ending that Cardi B would applaud for: “I got a b*tch that don’t clean or do dishes/ But buss it open for a n****/ Like the trenches.”

Bigger in Texas is a Hip Hop masterpiece thoroughly loaded with a mix of old-school technicality and modern opulence. Both Mista C4 and Jay C delivered greatness and motivational substance through the recounting of their own personal success.

Song Credits: Demetrius Allen (Mista C4) – Artist, Songwriter, Sound Engineer; James Porch (Jay G) – Artist, Songwriter; Timothy Link ( Timmydahitman) – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Mista C4 and Jay G by streaming Bigger in Texas on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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