I Don’t Know Who You Are by Jerrica White, An Entire Soul-RnB Experience For The Ladies

DogFace Records is back at it with Jerrica White’s I Don’t Know Who You Are. Although new to the internet, Jerrica White is a name well known in the DMV area for the singer has been exercising her wondrous contralto pipes for the past two decades with live bands and at private events. I Don’t Know Who You Are is a most personal R&B record withdrawing positive connotations from toxic relationships.I had kept something bottled up for so long that when I finally released it, I released it with a lyrical and vocal vengeance. The process of creating this song was therapeutic for me,” shares Jerrica White exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Before we begin reviewing the song, shout out to Chris Porter for the immaculate visuals, storyline concept, and romantic vintage color grade choice.

The first seconds of I Don’t Know Who You Are heavily lean towards old-school, high-end organic instrumentation and the Soul influence is instantly discernible. The touch of class is flaring up with the prompt electric guitar riff right before Jerrica White starts singing. “There’s something on my mind/ It’s time we had a conversation babe/ This thing’s been weighing so heavy on me/ Where do I begin,” commences the extraordinarily talented singer. Jerrica’s voice easily surpasses any existing expectations carrying a certain radiance and warmth to it despite the obvious pain portrayed by her lyrics.

I feel so estranged, things ain’t the same/ I can see now what I could not then/ Looking back on happy days/ I can see now that it was one-sided,” continues Jerrica White. The R&B artist succeeds in preserving her melodic identity separately from the instrumental. She toys with the music and matching it in rhythm and cadence but not once do they become one and the same.

Along with the vintage organ sound, Jerrica calmly and effortlessly sings the chorus: “I don’t know who you are anymore/ You took my time for granted/ I just can’t stand it/ I gotta look out for me.” At this moment we’re thanking God this is not another heartbreak song and that Jerrica White chose to come out victorious from the situationship instead of letting toxicity take over her spirit and femininity. Just look at her burgundy leather dress in the video! A dashing presence with considerable amounts of charm.

The way the singer harmonizes with herself holds a noticeable resemblance to her own influences of the late ’80s – early ’90s such as Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige.

The second verse cuts so deep that some of you may choose to pause the record: “All the things I used to do/ I don’t do them things no more/ That should’ve been your very first clue/ But everything slips right by you.” Vocalists, pay attention to the stable, gorgeous, yet soulful vibrato that manages to build up, stop, then pick up right after. You can witness Jerrica’s unique gift around the word clue for example. And observe the 4th line that brings some subtle growling and reverts back to Jerrica’s base voice.

“Glorify those who put you down/ Push to the side those who’ve been around/ Nothing left inside of me/ Best believe that you are to blame.” Wow! Those first two lines reached fever pitch voice-wise and shifted all attention exclusively to the singer’s delivery. Somehow, Jerrica White possesses an unusually endearing and burning sense of female authenticity: she loved, she’s been hurt, but she’s moving on for her own good. The emotions are accurately mirrored by her dynamic vocals.

The outro is coincidentally the bridge: “I’d rather be alone than stuck up under your lies.” Peep those fiery supporting vocals and note rundowns in the background! Jerrica White knows how to put on not just a show, but an entire experience. If you’re not mesmerized by now, you might be hard of hearing.

I Don’t Know Who You Are is an emotionally and acoustically pleasing record that shows just how much art flows through Jerrica White’s veins and what a grand difference a trained voice makes. The now official solo artist has released her Phase II EP today, July 23rd 2021, on all existing platforms. Check the Links below.

Song Credits: Jerrica White – Singer, Songwriter; Boris Dancy – Sound Engineer, Music Producer; Leroy Holden – Executive Producer.

Make sure you support Jerrica White by streaming the beautiful I Don’t Know Who You Are on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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