Emergency by TL Jones, A Top Reflective RnB Record On The Magic And Collapse Of Love

We sure like where the R&B of 2021 is headed to. And TL Jones from Kansas City, Kansas, is a prime example of pairing lyrical and vocal magic with the less-rosy reality of falling in love. Of the burgeoning danger that comes with opening oneself up completely to a stranger. A minimalistic beat with a suave voice and complex but easy-to-comprehend lyrics are the recipe for a record for the soul. “I am a very shy person, which is very funny if you look at my catalog because it’s very contradictory. It is very hard for me to express to someone that I like them. Equally, it’s very hard for me to connect romantically with someone because of how much I have been hurt. So, this song is very special to me because it is very raw. It speaks to that shy side of me that really isn’t showcased that much publicly, but is a BIG part of my life privately,” strikingly honest shares the lovely TL Jones exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The emotional substance is perceptible from the start with the electric guitar filling the room in a dazzling array of minor tonalities. “Someone come quick, emergency/ When I am around you I can’t breathe/ You taking my breath, gasping for air/ The way you affect me isn’t fair,” takes on its beautiful, soulful resonance the voice of TL Jones. From the getgo, we easily observe the singer’s ability to convey complex ideas into concise wording. TL Jones expressed the feeling of falling in love, opening up, becoming vulnerable, being afraid, realizing the loss of control, and hesitating to fully fall for one person in these four lines.

The prehook that follows sets in motion an endearingly melodic cadence that takes the obvious role of an earworm: “Been through this all before/ Other times ignored/ The men that wanted more/ But now I can’t/ Something about your smile/ Senses running wild/ Tripping ain’t my style babe.”

The hypnotic soprano notes that arrive with the chorus reverberate with almost a casual approach to them which grants the message that much more relatability: “It’s an Emergency / Sirens blazing loud/ Can barely stand the sound/ Losing my sanity/ Nothing feels the same/ Can’t verbally explain / This emergency.” As a matter of fact, TL Jones won us over here at Blue Rhymez Entertainment with this very particularity from last year with Miss Me. The R&B artist is a master of singing with extraordinary grace without overexercising her vocal prowess.

As the fabulous songwriter TL Jones is, she added even a post-hook: “Breathe Breathe, fading fast/ Breathe, Breathe, this can’t last.” How interesting! What seemed to be a total surrender to love, in the end, turns into a self-warning that this might be short-lived. TL Jones, you’re a great storyteller.

The second verse spices things up with a serious addition of louder supporting vocals and instrumentation, almost as if wanting to grab even more of the public’s attention: “When you touch me my heart palpitates/ I can’t move, I’m stuck in place/ Cold sweats, face is beet red/ Can feel the blood rushing through my head.” The favorable acoustic change aids TL Jones’s versatility and awareness when it comes to keeping the audience hooked. Had she followed the exact same trajectory as verse one, you would have probably closed the tab by now.

The Emergency‘s outro feels as organic and romantic as the rest of the composition: “Emergency/ Losing my sanity/ Can’t verbally explain, this emergency/ Breathe Breathe, fading fast/ Breathe, Breathe, this can’t last.” The suave instrumental follows TL Jones’s lead and in a most tranquil manner, leaves the picture gradually.

Emergency is a superb R&B record by the unique TL Jones that manifests her sweet vocals and always-romantic approach to this genre. The singer’s lyrical arsenal is simple, relatable, and instigating awareness towards the intoxicating feeling of falling in love. You can’t take the magic without the potential collapse and TL Jones delivers this truth unapologetically sincere.

Song Credits: Ty’esha Lashea Jones (TL Jones) – Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Vocal Engineer; Jaz Brewer (64111 Studios) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support TL Jones’s Emergency song by streaming the record on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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