10 Powerful Music Mantras That Will Power Boost Your Efficiency, Pockets, And Mental Health

With the past two years playing out as they did, we are all in a new boat now: knowing what we lack and not having the means to fix it. Creatives, more than anyone, are intensely emotional and a big number suffer from a serious lack of finances. It would seem the Universe decided that one can’t have both the gift of creating good music and the deep pockets to do it effortlessly. Seriously, if you have more of one, usually you will have less of the other. We’ve put together 10 powerful mantras that are specifically tailored around indie musicians who are on the arduous task of making a living off their art. Memorize your favorite one, or all of them, and repeat them as often as you need it.

10. I was born with a mission and I am working at it every single day.

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Because let’s be honest, in most cases, you were either born a musician or you were not. People don’t really become musicians as it’s a call and not a choice. When you are born a musician, you can’t exist or go on for too long without creating music, listening to music, appreciating music. So when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, just remember for how long you’ve been doing it and why. Then remind yourself to move one inch closer to that mission every single day. That will be more than enough for you to actualize your dream. It’s baby steps that win.

9. I act on new opportunities with effortless ease.

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Fun fact: musicians sometimes, as talented as they are, get scared really fast too. We know of an artist who had a Young Money contract on the table but he was so incredulous of his worthiness that he didn’t even want to sit down with them. Then he was offered to go on a college tour. Turned that one down too because he felt he wasn’t ready to perform almost every single day. Fast-forward 10 years and he never again got the same chance or buzz to make his career happen. Train your brain to be okay with and to expect sudden, fast, big changes.

8. Everything I’ve survived in the past has prepared me for this year’s success.

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Why do we mention this year? Well because the reticular system you are born with, decides for you what’s going to happen and when. As the Dummies series brilliantly explained, “The RAS filters the incoming information and affects what you pay attention to, how aroused you are, and what is not going to get access to all three pounds of your brain.” So if you tell yourself your success is in the future, your brain will always set itself as if there’s still plenty of time left and that everything you are supposed to do, you will do in the future. When in reality, if you want to make things happen and live your dreams, you have to act at your maximum capacity NOW, TODAY, HERE. While we don’t advise you to use words like today or this week because then your brain goes in tilt creating confusion as you naturally don’t believe your life could change overnight, we do highly encourage you to use this year as it is very doable, realistic, and by all means, plenty of opportunities will come your way in one year if you’re ready for them.

7. All the new people I meet are actively supporting my music career.

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We promise you, if you make this your daily mantra, you will be absolutely astonished at how fast your circle of friends will change. We’re very much emotional, energetic beings. We’re all made of atoms and molecules who in essence are empty and held together by one and the same force. Put your skin under a microscope and you’ll see you’re all made of little holes. Very much accordingly, when you exude a certain vibe, people who are on the same frequency will be pulled towards you so make sure you feel great about your music and believe with all your might that all the new people coming your way, be it real life or LinkedIn, they’re all here to aid you in realizing your dream career and you will see it happening shockingly fast.

6. I find creative ways to benefit myself and other artists on my way to the top.

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Because mind you, when you’re a blessing to more than just yourself, you will unleash kindness, generosity, acknowledgement, and friendship. Never be a martyr or do charity full time without expecting anything in return. But do try to enjoy the process and everyone else in it. If you feel particularly strong about another artist, in a positive way, reach out to them and see if you can be of help to them and they will want to repay you the favor. Or if for example you got stuck on a remake, take it as a sign of you needing to join forces with someone else who can help elevate your song.

5. I easily create financial opportunities for myself using my music.

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Truth is, making money is easy. As long as you’re not seeking to make it off your music tells you society left and right. That is why it is so monumental to even accept the idea. Start telling yourself every single morning before starting your day that you are creating your financial freedom through your creativity. After 21 days of repeating it, your brain will have accepted the suggestion and will start reacting accordingly. All of a sudden, you’ll be interested in how you can license your music for film and TV, you’ll see advertisers on LinkedIn and see if they are open to hearing out new material, you will enter national and international contests, you will start posting more often and consistently on social media, and next thing you know, you’ll have developed enough of a fan base, and have won enough of contests to be courted by startups and smaller brands to promote their products. Who tells you that money can’t be made off music wants to keep you out of the game. It is doable with the right mindset and effort. But the effort won’t come naturally unless your mind is set straight first so program your brain to create your desired reality.

4. I love listening to the music I create.

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So on a scale from 1 to 10, how attacked do you feel? 20? Great 😀 The major catch in the music business is getting to such a level of comfort with yourself and your voice that you genuinely enjoy bumping to your own songs. This is a major ingredient to making it because people feel your energy. So how can you wholeheartedly promote a song you’re not feeling yourself? By repeating this statement you will start doing two things. One, you will seek the positives in what you create and inherently will try to create more of that. Two, you will realize you absolutely hate some of your songs and you’ll stop wasting precious time and possibly the few dollars you have available on them. Both will take you further than you ever thought.

3. Everything that happens to me is a push in the right direction.

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Because trust us, it is. You wouldn’t even be reading this very article right now had you not had a certain train of thought, at a certain hour, at a certain time, after a certain thing happened to you that triggered you into wanting to read about these 10 powerful affirmations. You could have been very well watching YouTube videos or endlessly scrolling on TikTok but you’re here reading this and feeling enlightened by the second. Equally, trust that everything works in your favor because it is. You are always better, stronger, kinder, richer, because of the process.

2. I am ready to live my dreams now.

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This one sits at the top of the list because it will be harder to accept and believe for most of you. First, we advise you to practice the other 8 mantras to see how your mind and life change then move on to this very powerful affirmation when you’re ready. Timing, timing, timing. If you were able to grasp that you don’t need to be wiser, more talented, or even more well off, you would understand how some seemingly untalented artists make it overnight. They simply think they’re worth it and by dumb luck, they get discovered. The ideal case in point, Danielle Bregoli. We KNOW you are way more skilled than she was when she signed her deal so why not have high expectations of yourself and your career moves? Think big, think wide, think global. But most of all, think NOW.

21. Making money for me is making music.

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If you ask Drake about this, he’ll tell you this is what he lives by. He may not word it like that but for him and many other unknown faces, making music means directly increasing their bank account. You have to understand that the moment you treat your music like your day job, it will become it! Don’t wait until the time is right, the team is together, and the deal is signed. This specific label path may not be what you’re supposed to do at all. You might be entrusted with making it on your own so that you sign other unknown but extremely worthy artists. Start taking your music just as seriously as you would if you had a boss. It won’t break you, it will make you. And depending on the doors that will open to you as a result of it, you will know what you’re supposed to do. Now go have fun living your best life ⭐

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