Good Energy by Tayiha, Pop Positivity That’ll Help You Manifest Good People

Somebody’s voice is getting more confident! Tayiha from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is back with a feel-good anthem titled Good Energy. It is rather fascinating witnessing how the young singer is steadily transferring herself from the rookie status to professional musician with every release surpassing the one before for the entire 2021. Good Energy is a song denoting Tayiha’s shockingly realistic take on staying positive in today’s world. And that is, to be more precise, the ability to mind your business while striving for sincere connections with those around you. A song whose strong vocals and immaculate Pop production will swiftly capture the affections of the public.I wrote Good Energy to tell my story about surrounding myself with positive people and pushing out the negativity that people in my life were trying to pull me towards. It would seem that those characters were the ones trying to push me down and tell me that I couldn’t make it in the music industry,” shares Tayiha exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

With an intro that could easily prompt one to think back to the 2010s’ Pop when loud drums and acoustic melodic inclinations were heavily favored by the mainstream media, Good Energy kicks things off in a very stable and reliable pattern. “I’ve taken too many falls/ Still I didn’t lose at all/ Feels like they’re all trying to shut me down/ But I keep on moving won’t turn around,” effortlessly sings Tayiha. The warm soprano voice and the great deal of word clarity make it so easy to follow along and discover gradually what the songstress cooked for the audience.

They’re testing my patience/ Got no room for bad intentions Oh Oh/ I’m really trying not to blame them/ Maybe it’s all they know/ All they know,” kills them with kindness the incredibly talented young star. To be noted how the music also appears to have developed complexities when compared to Tayiha’s previous releases. The instrumental flaunts a larger sound, nicely layered supporting ad-libs, drums buildup, a more highlighted vibrato technique, stabler higher notes. This is captivatingly wonderful and top-notch quality.

The pre-hook is an endearing yet jauntily relatable affirmation, “I stay in my lane/ I’m not gonna break/ Won’t give into this pain/ Anymore,” followed then by the very optimistic chorus: “Positive thoughts and opportunities/ Only good people, only good energy/ Can take my time in the light that’s around me/ Only good energy, only good energy.” Gen Z will appreciate the vibes as they’re all about manifesting this year. Don’t believe us? Get on TikTok and you’ll immediately be inundated by manifestation tips, tricks, and songs that’ll help you attract people and events on the same frequency as you. The cool part? That stuff actually works 😀

The chorus is fun, lighthearted, easy to memorize and to warm to, and scattered with palpable positivity from Tayiha. When the girl sings, you feel it.

The second verse announces itself to be a more decisive take on sorting the good from the bad: “I’ve put up a stronger fight/ And you know I’m taking back my own life/ I know how to heal my space/ Sorting out the real ones from the fake.” The verse is promptly followed by the classic pre-chorus, chorus format thus definitively infiltrating itself into the audience’s memory. Sometimes new artists forget that proven songwriting techniques are called classics because they worked for decades. Luckily for us, Tayiha is not trying to reinvent the wheel but is rather going for what will make Good Energy a simple, enjoyable, yet highly likable sonic experience.

Since her introduction on the music market, Tayiha is ascending in her own artistry with a great deal of dynamism getting ever so confident and displaying higher control over her soprano capabilities on her newest release, Good Energy. The songstress is a prime exponent of exploring mental health from an optimistic angle time and time again. And you thought young people are only concerned with selfies. NOT!

Song Credits: Tayiha Grant (Tayiha) – Artist, Songwriter; Analog Heart Records (Stuart Stuart) – Music Producer, Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add Good Energy to your playlist on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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