Calculated by Thoro Nature, The Gen Z Rap Prototype In One Song

 From Atlanta, Georgia, US, Thoro Nature excels with unexpected ease at melding being a rapper, a man, a competitor, a boyfriend, a friend on what we consider to be, one of his top 3 releases, Calculated. The record disposes of an unusual but highly appreciated perspective of being self-aware while still pursuing material goals and the music has that Gen Z ring to it being drenched in an organic piano but led by a very contemporary electro synth.Calculated was inspired by betrayal, which led to strategic moves, those moves fueled the lessons in these lyrics,” curtly shares the Rap artist for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. He may not be a man of many words in person but he shares plenty on his record so read on while playing the song.

The eerie alarm sounds bring about an atmosphere of life-and-death situation. The doleful piano softly balances the gravitas of the music but still blends with the rest of the instrumental as it is played in minor chords. The electro-synth represents the stroke of modern orchestration pulling us back into the present moment. This safe and reliable acoustic uniformity is the ideal setup for introducing the artist’s voice: “Y’all n***** ain’t gang, n***** low riding in  da wave, n***** out here riding d*ck/ Yea yea yea/ N***** on go for a chain, my n***** on go for some bricks/ Yea yea yea/ We calculate, and one move, sign ya chain, it’s one false move, we take/ And we on point, however, how you take, you got Da love, better take it.” The hook is a solid earworm that while most definitely wild, it still carefully avoids turning too explicit and too violent. Thoro Nature is a sage songwriter.

If the hook was evidently processed in post-production, the first verse is an excellent portrayal of the artist’s vocal versatility as his timbre remains natural and authentic: “Never trust a soul I swear/ My guilty conscience leave me so aware/ Gave ’em loyalty, dey gave excuses/ Took it back, dey gave looks of confusion.” The lessons Thoro Nature mentioned in the opening are starting to show up slowly but surely. The Rap artist exposes the dubious grounds his frenemies forced him upon and snatches the public’s attention rather instantly. “Forty crossed me, he left me for dead/ He was in prison, I’d send him bread/ I went to war, he picked da other side/Me and his girl share a secret lie,” continues the real-life based story. Thoro Nature’s narrative fires up in the second part of the verse as a consequence of the recounted events becoming uber personal.

A cool feature that jumps at your ears while hearing out Calculated, is the very raw approach to mixing during the verse and highly commercial tendencies on the hook which of course, also coincide with the vocal editing applied in both instances. This pattern alteration is meeting the current market’s needs and cravings. Yes, we’re living a resurgence of organically produced music. Apparently, Gen Z is tired of consuming industry plants and they heavily root for the underdog artists preferring instead lo-fi music over highly curated tracks.

The second verse announces itself through a speech-like flow, thriving in consequence as a high-point of Calculated: “No paranoia, I got body armor/ All debts are paid, I owe Nuttin to karma/ My vision blurry, but conscious clear/ Too much smoke got my mind impaired.” This unexpected dynamic radically transforms the song from a storytime plot to a statement record: “I apologize for my arrogance/ Shaking ya head, dats an apparent dis/ I couldn’t change even if I tried/ Stuck in my ways, for that I apologize.” The self-awareness is real with this one! We stan a Rap artist who also knows how to show vulnerability without turning weak or corny. Thoro Nature, we like you.

After depicting in great detail what sounds like a past failed relationship, the artist concludes on a very business-like note and flaunts his drive with linguistic innovation: “Now who really da coldest, I am way beyond frozen/ Who really terrorized dem streets, who really was chosen/ Back of da Maybach with a legend in fact/ We don’t smoke, we negotiating contracts.” And just to point it out to those in the back, Thoro Nature has single-handedly carried the song and succeeded in phenomenally doing so. We were starting to miss rappers who can solo their way into the industry.

Calculated is a Rap record of controlled transformation that proves Thoro Nature is attuned to the current music environment. Pun intended 😀 On a most serious note, the rapper astutely charged his song with both pressing and secretive matters but equally opened up showing he’s a vulnerable human being like everyone listening to him.

Song Credits: Robert Williams Jr. (Thoro Nature)- Artist, Songwriter; Jervon Jackson (Vonn Ontha Track) – Music Producer.

Make sure you add Calculated to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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