Amazing In My Eyes by Lovana, An Acoustic-Pop Ode Dedicated To A Love Of 40 Years

From Osterbottnia, Finland, Lovana created a sublime heartfelt Acoustic Pop record for her parents’ 40th anniversary in the summer of 2021. But since we’re living historical times, the singer found herself in a rather uncommon predicament as per her own recount: “We were planning to have a small celebration with the family, but since I’m living in Stockholm and the restrictions were changing between Finland and Sweden, we had to postpone the event. But I really liked the song and wanted to still “give it” to my parents so I decided to go through with the recording. I worked with the multi-platinum awarded songwriter, Janne Hyöty, a producer I’ve worked with in the past as well. In October, I could finally go home to meet my parents and it was also then that I played Amazing In My Eyes for the first time to them. It’s a song that describes love as I perceive it: surely, there’ll be bumps along the way but if you’re lucky, you’ve got a best friend for life.”

Amazing In My Eyes chronicles the blossoming love of two people and its beautiful stages from newly weds to wholeheartedly accepting one another. All while Lovana’s vocals pull you in with mesmerizing force and the luminous Acoustic Pop instrumental leads the way to falling in love with the song itself.

There’s something that is tangible in Lovana’s emotions as she starts Amazing In My Eyes: “Suddenly the years have passed/ Since that day/ When I said yes and you said I do.” The amalgam of joyous, warm vocals with the very real lyrics show indeed proof of the singer being personally and heavily involved in what she’s detailing. She is indeed the daughter of the two main characters.

The acoustic guitar strums in a most tranquil fashion complementing the singer’s calm and sincere portrayal: “Look how our kids grown old/ Have families on their own/ Looks like we made it/ Looks like we made it.” Amazing In My Eyes has just become ten times better as Lovana presents a novel yet very old-school notion of “having made it,” that of perpetuating the traditional family values and instilling generational love. Thank you Lovana, because the world is turning on its head and we need musicians who lead the voice in positive changes.

The scaling to a higher pitch before delving any further shows with great mastery that the reveal of the chorus is about to take place. “And baby you were perfect/ Perfect in my arms/ You were my companion/ The answer in the dark/ Yes baby you were gorgeous/ Love of my life/ You’re amazing/ Amazing in my eyes.” The main motif is incrementally contagious and sticky. It’s lovely and lands with tremendous ease on the ears of the audience. Usually, words like this are scorched by corny and melodramatic vibes. Lovana, however, is a songstress that kneads her records into great masterpieces when others would have fallen face first.

Now the song’s notes are fairly easy to replicate and sing along but to repeat Lovana’s voice be able you won’t. Yes, we spoke in Yoda’s voice. To sing without strain and yet to vocally flex your control over pitch modulation takes some good years of professional training. It is much easier to yell and scream the notes than it is to obtain a full sound with moderate push. We know the vocal coaches reading this review will agree.

Through the years I’ve seen it all/ Know every scar/ Through good and bad, tears have fallen/ And as I know see strains of gray/ You’re still my best friend/ Looks like we made it/ Looks like we made it,” wondrously Lovana continues painting the picture with her voice. The admission of the bumps in the road as the singer mentioned in the opening of the article, is endearing and offers a high level of comfort to the public as too many popular songs eulogize perfect, pink, puppy love type of love. No, life is so much more complicated than that and Lovana knows it. The scars, tears, gray hairs, all are indisputable and unavoidable elements of life. But when lived with the right person, they become much easier to cope with. And when you have songs like Amazing In My Eyes.

The bridge fills the role of the calm before the storm and allows for the artist’s voice to singularly shine and take the spotlight in what sounds to be a single-layered track: “It took time to understand you that’s for sure/ But here we are, so strong together/ But when I look into those beautiful eyes/ The only word that comes to mind is amazing.

With a heavily layered last chorus, Amazing In My Eyes comes to a glorious end and instantaneously makes you want to replay it.

Lovana is evolving as an artist, songwriter, global singer. Amazing In My Eyes shows the talent’s versatility and adaptability to Acoustic Pop arrangements as well as her ability to capture the hearts and ears of the audience through real-life lyrical depictions.

Song Credits: Anna Lotta Wiklund (Lovana) – Artist, Songwriter; Janne Hyöty – Music Producer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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