Worth It by KiNG MiZERY, A Contemporary Banger Birthed By Struggle

It would seem Montreal is delivering some fire talent as of 2022 with one of the leading underground voices being that of KiNG MiZERY. From Quebec, Canada, the Rap artist shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment the following details regarding his extraordinary record, Worth It: “I wrote Worth It because at the time I was dealing with a lot of stress and depression battling court case after court case being betrayed by a close friend of mine. Add to it being consistently told that I wasn’t worth it when I knew my worth was beyond their understanding.

Intended to reveal the struggle behind the curtain and the pain behind the stoicism, Worth It rings sophisticated on a most curated instrumental relying on KiNG MiZERY’s double talent of singing and rapping. In a world that seems vacant of thoroughly substantial artists, voices like KiNG MiZERY are needed and appreciated.

When you start hearing the song (jump to 1:02), you understand why the music video garnered an impressive 34k views in 9 months since its release. The instrumental kicks off on melancholic tones contorting its high-power energy into brooding elements of pre-build. “Putting that work in/ They told me I wasn’t worth it,” calmly sings the rapper. Here’s the thing though. One would never guess it is the same person doing the melodic ad-libs as doing the raps. This is a talent way above normal. Let’s see how Worth It goes from here.

I’ve been steady grinding all my life/ Trynna feed my fam/ Putting that work in,” slows down KiNG MiZERY before delving further. The uber-catchy hook continues: “So anything that’s bound to come my way/ You could never say I don’t deserve it/ Gotta grind harder than they been/ ‘Cause they always told me/ I wasn’t worth sh*t.” It is almost comical how well the artist succeeds in giving elegance to the extremely raw lyrics. And like a true showman, the rapper ends on a rather dramatic note: “But they don’t know the life that I live/ Never had no help/ Or something to work with.

And here comes the alter-talent, the Rap artist: “You ever see your mans turn into a snitch?/ It get confusing/ When he isn’t who you thought he is/ Or gotta speak in codes/ When you on the phones/ Cause you know the feds listening.” KiNG MiZERY’s flow is leaning towards spoken word. A very relaxed approach with no manipulation for aggressiveness or seeming tougher than one is. The artist possesses a great deal of self-control and albeit speaking of tough times, KiNG MiZERY never lets the pain transpire in his voice. This is the stoicism showing through.

Was always in the projects outside/ Till my feet froze/ …/ Slept up in apartments/ Freezing cold ’cause they heat gone/ And these n***** talk about my ego/ But what did he know/ Nothing ’bout me that’s a fact,” are the bars that most realistically portray the circumstances and even grim colors of a tough life. Anymore of the cold depiction and you might start thanking the Lord for the heat you’re enjoying now. More efficient than a sermon if you ask us.

After the hook that you have memorized by now, the second verse comes in even sharper with strong deliverance of just how hard the past was for the author: “Remember being f*cking broke/ And had zero dollars/ Getting declined when I’m at the store.” And while the music stays linear and in sync with the motif from the first verse, the lyrics amp up the shock factor overflowing with minutiae from back in the day: “You don’t know/ I kept it real from the get-go/ Had no pot to piss in/ And no money to take the metro/ They don’t want to see me blow/ They rather see me let go.”

With the repeated hook as an outro for Worth It, the song reaches the end of its 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The record is a behemoth in disguise. It bases its x-factor on the depth of the narrative with KiNG MiZERY respecting a sort of vertical consistency both in flow and in music. A song capable of petrifying its audience with astonishment through the vivid recounts of the past.

Song Credits: Mycal King (KiNG MiZERY) – Artist, Songwriter, Recording Engineer; Skylar Walsh (SkyBeatz) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support KiNG MiZERY by adding Worth It to your playlist on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 


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