Away From Here by Breaking Serenity ft. Myke Terry, A Post-Grunge Marvel Of Surreal Impact

Rock and surrealism don’t, if ever, go hand in hand. Away From Here, however, does. The song by Breaking Serenity featuring vocalist Myke Terry is characterized by the Post-Grunge dark, melancholic vibes amalgamated with bigger-than-life vocals. A visionary song that perfectly meets the need for Alternative Rock while giving the popular counterparts a run for their money.

From the city of Corona, California, Niko Garcia, Breaking Serenity’s guitar player, shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “Away From Here channels my personal inner pain that comes from the things I upheld as beautiful growing up now being turned into deception and lies. I’ve always been surrounded by consistent family dysfunction. And this is becoming disturbingly normal on a global level. If you listen to the rest of the songs on our EP, Hypocrite, you’ll hear how we went as far as calling out a past family member. Top the charade with the pandemic and complete rupture of a family and you get Away From Here. Also, shout out to Katie O’Connell and Antonio Gonzales, our two other vocalists.

The ominous, brooding notes giving life to the first moments of the song are a sight to behold. The guitar is shortly adjoined by the suave drums and flow in a stream of pensive music. It is a remarkable composition already and we’re not even a full 30-seconds in.

Where are we to go from here?/ Picking up the pieces/ Of a broken home/ You swore you’d never leave again/ Pictures on the wall/ Lies describe them all/ Happiness forgot/ We will never see again,” sings Myke Terry with a flagrantly sentimental dark power in his voice. The flawless transition between notes and air fluctuations communicates the extensive level of professionalism and time put in behind the scenes. A singer, songwriter who knows how to enhance the material he’s working with instead of competing against it.

The way the guitar strums in a linear fashion in the background while Myke does his magic, defines the framework of the verses. The guitar glides and Myke ties the words when ending one bar and commencing the next. The music and the singer reflect each other both in technicality and in emotional value.

You run/ Far away from here/ Hiding inside/ What coulda, shoulda, never been/ Searching for/ The answers/ Hiding inside/ Dreams you’ll never see again,” follows the chorus of Away From Here. Now let’s break down this beauty ’cause boy… they don’t make them like this anymore.

Before all else, the first two words “You run” land with a ginormous heaviness. With perfectly controlled delivery, they’re loud, clear, strong, goosebump-inducing. The guitar roars like an awakened metal beast. The drums get angrier too and hold a somber anchor to the rising vocals. And the moment you get to the second part of the chorus, when Myke sings “searching for the answers,” you’re hit with a sudden wave of hope. This gleam of light surges from the higher pitch that’s employed during searCHING. What an excellent choice of intercalating unexpected elements in the middle of the hook. Away From Here is setting the bar ridiculously high for the other Rock records we’ll get our hands on the rest of 2022.

After the storm settles, the peace and resignation come along: “Who am I to trust/ When it all comes down/ You’d said you’d always be there/ Walking by my side/ It hurts to know the/ Truth was just a lie/ I stood by/ And slowly watched you die inside.” The verse follows the melodic structure of the first part of the song and it embeds itself into your brain rather fastidiously because you’ll be replaying this song over and over again once it’s actually over. The lyrics are jarringly brutal and poetic at the same time.

After the phenomenal hook, the electronic vibrato induced in the bridge-like section makes for a great lead role where the voice is absent. The guitar impeccably slows down and caresses the ears of the public. If glitter on water had a sound, it would be this moment of Away From Here.

Now… the outro is a spectacular, grandiose, ferocious-as-ever final segment. Myke’s voice fills the room being entangled in gravitas with the music and merges screaming with growling right as he sing-shouts: “You’ll never see again/ You’ll never see me again.” The rockstar had to come through! And come through he did.

Away From Here speaks for itself the instance you hit play and are engulfed in the sheer power of the imposing Post-Grunge instrumental. And it only gets better, of almost stratospherical levels, when you add Myke Terry’s stern yet warm voice to the overall blend.

Song Credits: Myke Terry – Lyricist, Singer; Niko Gabino Garcia – Co-writer, Guitar Player; Henry Aguilar – Guitar Player; Greg Garcia – Drummer; Nik Garcia – Bass Guitar Player;  Dave Swanson Owner (Love Juice Labs Studio) – Sound Engineer, Music Producer.

Make sure you stream the entire Hypocrite EP on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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