I’m Yours by Joshua Flores, The Best Record The Prodigy Has Released Yet

Let’s be clear: I don’t want to feel this way and this is frustrating. But I channeled those emotions into the production of I’m Yours and centered the message of the song around the type of relationship that stays with you long after it’s over. We’re not together anymore but I will probably always have feelings for that person,” shares Joshua Flores from Dallas, Texas, exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

I’m Yours is indeed a marvel of a song. You may not currently be in love with any ex of yours but you will be suddenly after hearing the record. Joshua Flores keeps surpassing his past accomplishments and reinvents his vocal delivery all the while remaining in tune with the soulful R&B tinges that he’s so known for. I’m Yours is the best-schemed song the artist, producer, engineer has released yet.

Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You tends to gleam in the back of your mind when you hear the first suave notes of I’m Yours. Not that the two have much in common but rather because Shape Of You popularized to incredible levels the sound of marimba plucks.

Just tell me what you want to say/ Don’t let your thoughts get in the way/ I know that your love for me has gone away/ And it’s too late,” sings Joshua Flores in his staple approach that oscillates between nasal and soulful. This dynamic brings about an intimate vibe because you don’t speak, or sing for that matter, in such a relaxed manner in front of a large audience. You do it in private at conversational levels. This chief aspect of the initial moments of I’m Yours sets the ambiance for confessions and love letters. A perfect interpretation of the R&B genre which Joshua Flores specializes in.

To save what we had that’s all done, it’s all done/ ‘Cause sometimes something good can turn bad one by one, one by one/ I saw it coming from miles away/ But I didn’t want to make you stay/ My love, my love,” progresses along the singer. The increase in pitch that occurs during the my love repetition transforms the atmosphere from one of a possible rupture into one of plea meshed with nostalgia for the good times.

The immaculate mix and master are direct proof of Joshua Flores’s technical qualities because yes, the talent is a one-man team. We met him in this position on his previous release, Insecure, but it is still as impressive as day one to hear such an excellently curated record with irreproachable sound be created and mastered by one person top-to-bottom.

The romantic stride culminates during the hook of I’m Yours with the artist fully embracing his head voice and opulently displaying his air control over the pitch transitions:“’Cause not all things are meant to last/ Love grows slow but it fades too fast/ I never wanted for us to end like this/ There’s nothing that you need to hide/ I only wished you changed your mind/ But I know that no matter where you go/ I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.” What particularly stands out about this single of Joshua Flores is the gradual softening of the narrative from sadness to genuine, lasting love. And sure enough, the vocals that are always expanding and testing the limit of their capacity.

The second verse abides by the same contagiously (can we reclaim this word with the positive connotations it used to have pre-pandemic?) loaded melodic base: “How hard I fell for you wasn’t something I’d planned/ ‘Cause it’s too easy to get hurt in the end/ I should’ve known he was more than just a friend/ But it’s over now, it’s over now/ You said that nothing would change the way you feel/ That our love was no mistake and something real/ But how can you say that when your love is gone?” Damn! The friend guy, ay? That was an unexpected turn in the song but it explains the apple of the discord.

Joshua Flores’s songwriting standards are clearly shooting higher every time the singer comes with a new record and this time he varied his flow and tonality in a most entertaining way, more than usual to be precise and with a warmer direction, while poetically adding to the value of his words. If the man ever decides to publish a lyric book, we need the Amazon link to it!

I’m Yours is a major compliment to Joshua Flores’s catalog of RnB vocals transposed to Dance-infused music that brings the singer’s vocal technicality and uniqueness in the forefront for the public to indulge in. We lost Chris Brown to the gossip columns and Justin Bieber to the churches he’s so invested in. So now we got Joshua Flores to make up for both of the artists. We approve.

Song Credits:  Joshua Nicholas Flores – Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Joshua Flores by adding I’m Yours to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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