i Dwell by Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda, The Ultimate Downtempo Female Anthem For Real-Life Goddesses

One is from Kerala, India, and the other from Belgrade, Serbia. Now the first is based in the United Arab Emirates and the second – between Switzerland and Spain. Ladies and gents, the two international voices and independent marvels of the music industry are Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda. The rising stars have crafted an absorbing Downtempo jewel accompanied by a brilliant, sophisticated, lo-fi music video named i Dwell.

We wrote i Dwell in 2020 during the initial lockdown really as a way to keep our sanity, to stay connected, to have a purpose, to write something together that would feel like a celebration and ode to our friendship. It’s a song that cherishes the bond we share, the love and respect we have for each other, and the wish we have that all relationships between women be as empowering, inspiring, supportive, and unconditional. A female anthem we hope resonates with all those who identify as women, and how connected, limitless, and powerful we all truly are when we come together and stand with each other,” share the two artists exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

A broken vinyl, a forgotten dream, a rushed promise. The first seconds of both the music video and the song are nothing short of brooding happiness. A tranquility that is at risk of being sparse any given second.

The two women are seen stepping together on sand, one in shoes and one barefoot. This oozes of Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda. The two artists always carry that mysticism note in their audiovisual material. Whispered secrets, wishes, desires/ Yet you wait for more, untired/ hmmmm, sings the first of the two. The imagery is equally powerful using colors, symbolism, and the brightly contrasted makeup of the artist as an instrument of power.

Shilpa Ananth continues in her warm, unique vocal dynamic peppered with Indian runs: Memories kept safe like gold/ To the depths of you I pour/ Do you mind being the keeper of my soul?/ Hmmmm. Making Downtempo music sound commercial is a feat only the likes of Denda and Ananth could realistically achieve while not compromising their substance in the least.

The ethereal chorus hits with the recognized title: I dwell, I dwell, I dwell/ In your crystal carousel/ I dwell, I dwell, I dwell/ Unlocked by your magic spell/ I dwell, I dwell/ In your arms, like nothing I have felt/ You gave me a high sign/ To love with no border lines. The multi-layered vocals of Shilpa resound with enormous lingering effect hypnotizing the listener into wanting more of this enchanting, calm hook.

The instrumental is an aloof factor in i Dwell taking the role of supporting the artists instead of leading them. The subtle drums processed with Ambient tints are distant, thin, and collide with the majestic violins all placed with glorious precision around the vocals.

Shilpa Ananth’s irreproachable vibrato technique transmits the highest levels of professionalism and vocal training of the singer. The woman could engulf the world with her voice and it wouldn’t tire it.

When fate turns it back on me/ It’s your camaraderie that’s my shield/ Hmmm/ So much of me I see in you/ Through your lips I speak my truth/ Your heart’s a safe harbor for me to sail into, sings Aleksandra Denda with a stillness and supreme control of her pipes to make you shiver. The songwriter’s vocal power stirs to life whatever parts of your soul you were trying to hide. Aleksandra Denda has this unnerving gift of skipping your logic and talking directly to your heart.

The second hook, sung by Aleksandra Denda, is elemental to the harmony between the two singers as it portrays the same lyrics carried by a different timbre. Two heartfelt voices, two brave women, two astounding producers, two rockstars blooming in front of us.

Around minute 3, there is a translucid build-up to the bridge section, the percussion intensifies, the voices galvanize, and the mystery amplifies. This is so contrasting to the 2022 TikTok-churned Pop crap. Yes, we said it. Songs like i Dwell resupply the inherent human need of connecting with things deeper than the surface through both its orientally-infused music and the beckoning, stellar voices of Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda.

The bridge, oh wow, unexpected! Think of musicals: tons of reverb, echoes, heavily layered vocal tracks, rich instrumentation, and an undeniable tempo apotheosis matching its lyrical change of direction: We come from a different place, a different past/ Landed under the same star/ Your presence is energy that lights my fire/ Empowered me from the start/…/ Future is female.

i Dwell offers a real sense of friendship and support between authoritative female figures as allies. Acoustically it generates comforting yet epic Ambient qualities surrounded by neat percussion and gratifying harmonies. Denda and Ananth have delivered one of the most potent female collaborations of the 2020s thus far.

Song Credits: Shilpa Ananth, Aleksandra Denda – Singers, Songwriters, Composers; Giosuè Greco – Music Producer, Sound Engineer; Vladan Popović – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support these astounding artists by streaming i Dwell on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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