Oscar Biggs Interview, Catching Up With The Boom Bap God From Montreal

We first interviewed the man two years ago, when we dubbed him the Savage King Of Underground Rap. Today, however, it is clearer than ever that Oscar Biggs crystallized his place on the market much deeper than that. He is the Boom Bap god from Montreal who’s aggressively bringing back the legendary genre that birthed what we all know today as Rap and Hip Hop. Seeing someone so young yet so dedicated to the golden era of punchlines and raw bars puts your assumptions in perspective. Maybe the new generation of artists is not one-size-fits-all at all. Maybe it just takes a little digging beyond the mainstream charts to discover an uprising star like Oscar Biggs.

While the big majority avoids at all costs sounding offensive, Oscar Biggs goes for the jugular time and time again. I’m an impulsive mothaf*cka and yo I’m mad vulgar/ I’m the types to rub my revolver all over b*tches’ vulvas, roars the artist on one of his latest audiovisuals, F*ck You Pay Me.

Your most recent music video, O Is The Man, features a lot of models. How did you find all those ladies and who helped you achieve such visuals?” we ask for starters. “I was fortunate to work with Raphael Godro and Myrai Lavoie who cast the models and they both were the key people in making O is the Man happen,” immediately answers Oscar Biggs. Giving out props to one’s team so openly is the work ethic of a veteran and yet the artist is relatively fresh on the market. Oscar Biggs first toyed with Hip Hop back in 2014 when rapping on the block got him noted by the local community but it was 2020 that brought the name to a global audience when the rapper released Raw Lyricism.

It’s been over a year since we last sat down. The entire world has changed. What’s changed about Oscar Biggs?” we inquire of a general outline. “First off, I launched my official website which summarizes everything I am and worked for as an artist since day one. Secondly, I’ve joined TikTok where I talk to my fans and we have a lot of fun together and that’s become my go-to place for posting all of the freestyles and cool Hip Hop content I create,” satisfies our curiosity the artist. Indeed, if you didn’t witness Oscar’s propensity for substantial Hip Hop bars and rhyming patterns, his TikTok is where you start. We’ve counted at least 5 Boom Bap freestyles in the last few months alone. He’s consistent, aggressive, and that’s why he’ll make it.

Speaking of, “how did you handle 2 years of not performing? If we read the captions of your freestyles, you’ve been itching for live gigs.” To which Oscar responds in his ever-so-cool attitude: “My coping mechanism became creating even more music and challenging myself to freestyle on beats that always had an influence on me. I love doing live performances and interacting with the crowd. It’s something that I truly missed and as a matter of fact, I am really hyped about my first live, post-pandemic show coming up on April 1st here in the province of Quebec.

courtesy of Oscar Biggs

Oscar’s bigger-than-life persona is something to admire but also respect. The rapper matches his ambitious mindset with heavy rhyming but also notable image branding. Have you ever tried as a man putting on more than one heavy chain at a time, 5 rings, 3 bracelets, 2 earrings, and a golden watch? And you probably never will. Biggs flaunts this imperturbable approach towards his stage look that it makes you wonder if some people were simply born with a keen taste for aesthetics while most are happy with an oversized hoodie and jogger pants.

From the outside, it is clear as day that you’re always improving your rhyming skills and flow patterns. Why do you do that and how do you push yourself to keep evolving?” we ask of the upcoming star. “Thank you for having noticed that. The feeling I get when I create a clever punchline is second to none. Evolving as a lyricist comes from being my biggest critic and often going through my past material to see what I could have done better,” opens up the artist. Admitting to criticizing yourself is the mark of a self-aware talent. There’s always room for improvement and those who don’t accept that, are on their way to hit an ugly dead end. In Oscar’s case though, it’s all new doors and kicking down even those that previously didn’t open as you’re about to discover.

“ You’ve been reducing the curse words in your public performances. Why the shift?” we have to ask as Oscar was oozing 18+ lyrical content all the time and then some. Recently, however, the rapper’s chosen to continue manifesting his rhyming prowess through other means like music, flow, imagery, hidden meanings. As of consequence, Biggs states: “At the end of the day I don’t need to use all those words to have a powerful impact with my music.” If the artist’s intent was to remind us he’ll forever be cool and unbothered, this answer achieved its purpose 😀

Now tell us about the incredible merch we’ve seen on your social media. Why the black/maroon for men and black/nude combination for women?” For those that aren’t yet following Oscar Biggs directly via his website mailing list or social media profiles, the talent has released a knockout merch line of high-end clothing items and accessories. The impression you’re left the moment you see these products and immerse yourself in the meaning behind them, is an experience on its own.

I have to emphasize here that my merch is on a level of its own. The ingenuity of each design and how it all comes together to represent me simply amazes me. The color combination for men was the designer’s top choice as maroon stands for responsibility, control, and depth. Oscar Biggs is not plain red. My music is the darker shade of it. As for the women, I told the designer of my admiration for ladies who go against the grain because that takes courage therefore the sleek contrast between the mysterious black and sophisticated beige,” hits us with knowledge and entertaining behind-the-scenes info the one and only, Oscar Biggs.

We were able to pinpoint the exact Oscar Biggs songs corresponding to most of the merch. There’s one T-shirt though that’s given us headaches. It’s a maroon T-shirt with a very insinuative hand gesture accompanied by the saying Bigger Than Yours. “There’s one item that is not justified if we can use that term. The Bigger Than Yours T-Shirt. What does that stand for?” Oscar laughs while answering and warning, you’re about to laugh too so don’t drink or eat for the next minute 😀
Somebody’s perspicacious here LOL. That’s the cover art of my next single with the same title. A lot is said about size and everything but we all know those extra two inches make a big difference at the end of the day. No, at the end of the night.

the otherworldly tattoo art on the artist’s body, courtesy of Oscar Biggs

If you’ve paid attention to the black-and-white accessories, the neck gaiter and the backpack, they both state the same two messages: I support independent artists and I support Oscar Biggs. Accordingly our next questions follows: “We’ve also seen heavy support from you for indie artists in general. Are you a convinced independent artist and plan on staying so forever?” To which Biggs says: “Having built my career mostly by myself I definitely take pride in what I was able to accomplish. My foreseeable future does involve me being independent. However, I’m flexible if the opportunity presented itself as a better path.

If it crossed your mind what’s the most fun thing about being Oscar Biggs and equally the most annoying, we got you covered! “What a question LOL. I got like this rhyming disease where my mind is always trying to rhyme stuff together, sometimes I would like to turn it off just for an hour or two. But equally, this obsession with rhyming entertains me 24/7 and the simplest of things can become the funniest anchor points for punchlines.” And that is no lie. For dissecting all of Oscar’s official lyrics head to his Genius profile.

So what does a guy of this creative caliber and lively, in-your-face personality do in his downtime? “I guess I’m a pretty normal guy on that end. I ike to watch quality movies like Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Harlem Nights. I’m also a big fan of the French Canadian author Patrick Senecal. His book Hell.com for example is a mind-bender and a fast reader while his work Sur le seuil (on the stoop) is one terrifying horor book that gave me the creeps and I’m usually immune to grime material.” Oh wow! Something that can give Oscar Biggs the creeps??? Worth checking out.

With the artist’s first live show after Covid coming up on April 1st and his rapidly growing fanbase, we know some of you need help with how to approach both Oscar Biggs but also an artist generally as indie acts are a lot easier to get in touch with than their mainstream counterparts. Oscar is here to help you: “It’s always gratifying when someone tells you they like what you do. So I’d say the best way to approach me is by letting me know you like my music. Just tell me what song of mine is your favorite and why. I think that’s a smooth approach.” Got it down? Cool! Now you know how to come off as a respectable fan and not a stalker because no one likes stalkers and we know y’all are out there.

Speaking of, we’ve seen the ladies going crazy for OB. Did you ever have to sign autographs on other things than a piece of paper? pardon the impertinent question but it’s hard not to be curious about it.” Seriously, it doesn’t take much to observe the adoration Oscar Biggs gets from his female fans. Statistically speaking, the rapper is in a very sweet spot with his audience with half – male followers and the other 50% – female followers. Rightfully we assume the men stick for the bars and the women for the BDSM – infused lyrics and good looks. Almost like a 50 Shades of Grey Boom Bap version 😀

Let’s say that yes indeed I’ve had instances where I left my signature on a female’s body part,” comes Oscar’s response.

“Your top favorite artists of the moment and why?” we gotta know because being Oscar Biggs must entail, naturally, having a taste much different than that of the masses. The artist satisfies our curiosity with a legendary answer: “Whether as a teenager or as an adult, I still favor the same names because I’m a diehard, old school, Hip Hop head so I’m always going to name Big L, Lord Finesse, the Wu Tang Clan and all the MCs from that era that stood out lyrically. A more modern artist I find impressive is Gorilla Nems. Aside from digging his music, his creativity reflects in other areas such like his merch.

As for the rest of 2022, Oscar says: “There’s another typical Oscar Biggs music video in the cards so ladies be attentive to my social media for that casting call. Then we have more freestyles and live shows lined up. 2022 is the beginning of the ride I’ve been planning for years now.”

And we’re ending this insightful, entertaining, once-in-a-lifetime-of-catching-a-star-before-he-actually-blows-up interview with Oscar Biggs’ special shout outs: “To all my fans, everybody that listens to my music, everyone that buys the merch and supports me. A huge shout-out to all of y’all. I appreciate it and I love y’all. Also I need to give a big special shout-out to Mariana Berdianu for all the help and insights she gave and is still giving me. Let’s just say that without her guidance I would not be moving at the pace I currently am.

To talk to Oscar directly, make sure you hit him up on TikTok HERE, Facebook HERE, on Instagram HERE and support Boom Bap music by streaming Oscar’s songs on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Interview conducted by Federico Q. Bobbio
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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