Top 10 Songs Of 2022 To Get Your Creativity Flowing

While we’ve given you healthy doses of top romantic songs, top motivational bangers, and even top uplifting tracks, today we’ve compiled a superb list of the top 10 songs of this year to get your creative side bursting and flowing. These songs speak in a manner different than most, use music as a tool to touch your soul, and drop abundant out-of-the-box narratives. We promise you will want to write, paint, do yoga, or even sing yourself after listening to these 10 works of art. Why? Because art creates art.

10. Insecure by Joshua Flores (full review HERE)

Joshua Flores usually goes for heavily romantic messages and flirtatious dance vibes but Insecure is another story. This unusual record from the R&B singer approaches with great sensibility the topic of lacking self-love. The musician from Dallas, Texas went darker in instrumentation as well opting for flagrant Avant-bordering-Dark Pop hues. Our favorite lyrics from Insecure: You tell me not to worry ’bout the past cause you love me more than I could ever understand/ I wanna believe you but there’s always some doubt in my head. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

9. MotherShip by Levi Deadman (full review HERE)

The creative genius from Austin, Texas who turns coffins into Rap battle thrones, blessed his fans with a gladiatorial record pulling inspiration from both Alternative Rap and Horrorcore Hip Hop. It’s not a song for someone who’s only used to radio hits and Top 100 charts. MotherShip, masterfully rich and somber in its music, is for those who question everything around them and don’t put anything past anybody. The song is more like an experience than just a track to hit play on. Our favorite MotherShip lyrics: Know ya place/ And stay beneath me/ Or defeated/ Dead on features/ You can’t see me/ Not John Cena. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

8. SKIN CONE by DIGITAL COMA (full review HERE)

How do you even begin to describe what feels like a trip down rabbit’s hole in which you find another hole which then leads to, yeah, another rabbit with a new hole. The mind-bending song from the EP with the same name, SKIN CONE, stands out for its dirty sound and roaring guitar ominously leading the song but also for its jarringly defiant lyrics like: Aren’t we all dressed up and groomed?/ To just accept one another isn’t that hard to approve?/ I hope mommy and daddy approves/ Of what you chose to do. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

7. Lyrical Samurai by Taoreta (full review HERE)

For the mature audience craving the good ol’ days of real Hip Hop and equally for the young minds seeking the truth beyond mainstream channels, Taoreta is the answer. The duo’s release titled Lyrical Samurai is a work of rare beauty revering Boom Bap music and really, really cool bars such as: Lyrical Samurai defenders of the culture/ Heroes in practice, honor over pride/ Not just music, A way of life/ Survive with dignity, overcome the tide. Dj Icon and Loaneski have proven time and time again how Pop culture references can easily be given tenfold importance through their appropriate use in Rap art. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

6. Bacchanal by Keith Randall (full review HERE)

Inspired by the author’s love of classical music, orchestration, and organic structures, Bacchanal is the only song on this list that doesn’t entail a voice to make sense. It carries you through times and emotions picking up and dropping off various instruments along the way such as the acoustic guitar, an alto saxophone, and some crazy heavy drums. It’s a musical composition that speaks to you based on what YOU are and think of at the moment. Listen to it when you’re sad and you’ll feel understood. Listen to it when you’re happy and you’ll feel even more joy. It’s a very uncommon chameleon. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

5. Bruno’s Children by Bruno Skibbild (full review HERE)

Coming from Sjælland, Denmark, Bruno Skibbild is the artist that keeps on giving. We were first introduced to Bruno as a Rock-Country artist but as time passed, we discovered a man whose personal story would make most bawl their eyes out. Without spoiling what the song is about before you listen to it, be warned that if you ever hated the system as a parent, this is IT. It’s a song for people who’ve lived life and survived some serious sh*t. And yet, Bruno Skibbild delivered highly optimistic Rock tones on Bruno’s Children. Some of the jarring lyrics: This is a song about Bruno’s Children/ It’s a story about power abuse/ This is a story about Hometown City Hall/ They didn’t speak the truth. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

4. INNER I by Aleksandra Denda (full review HERE)

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Aleksandra Denda is coming hard with that Downtempo mood engulfing all eyes and ears in her way. In a positive manner that is. The woman exudes artistic hypnotism that doesn’t let go once it’s placed its grip on your sense. INNER I sublimely showcases just how great the singer is at her job and how creative her perception expands. Some of our favorite lyrics of the song: Hear me call, hear me crawl/ Open up that door/ We’ve been here before/ High lows, high lows, how long will it be/ Tiptoeing in the snow? Stream INNER I on Spotify HERE.

3. Soul Sucker by Hunter Root (full interview HERE)

It is f*cking awesome hearing one of the warmest male voices and acts out there swearing right in the beginning of a song: Soul Sucker/ You motherf*cker/ Go away/ Someplace far from here/ I don’t want to know how long you could be/ Possibly forever here in front of me. The classic Rock tune is as offensive as it is inviting and Hunter Root performs in his true manner of an artsy, hip, carefree human being who just happens to be good at singing. Does he even realize how effortless all of his music sounds? Wah… We’re in love. Stream Soul Sucker on Spotify HERE.

2. A Lesson I Have Learned by Laura Mena (full review HERE)

Laura has barely started her solo career as an indie artist but boy is she making strong first impressions that make her unforgettable. Mena has selected an unconventional topic for the lead single of her first EP, that of an overbearing friendship, and pasted it on a dope Sentimental Pop track with mesmerizing Ambient tendencies. A Lesson I Have Learned will immediately cement itself in your memory if you ever fancied the likes of Billie Eilish. Less grungey more Pop. Also mindblowing fact: Laura Mena is Bruno Skibbild’s daughter. Like father like daughter, ay? Our favorite lyrics: I know that you thought you knew me, (Knew me)/ But guess what babes this is the new me, (New me)/ Thought you could control my feelings, (Feelings)/ Thought that you could stop me from leaving, (leaving). Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

1. i Dwell by Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda (full review HERE)

Shilpa Ananth is well known for her blended works of Soul, Jazz, Electronic music, and deep influences from South India. Aleksandra Denda is known for her stupendous vibrato and Downtempo artsy style. Well guess what? Mix the two and you get a f*cking cultural bomb of music flavors, spiced messages, and dashing visuals making you wish you were rolling in the sand right about now. i Dwell resupplies the inherent human need of connecting with things deeper than the surface through both its orientally-infused music and the brighter-than-Space X Falcon 9 voices. Our favorite lyrics: We come from a different place, a different past/ Landed under the same star/ Your presence is energy that lights my fire/ Empowered me from the start/…/ Future is female. Stream the song on Spotify HERE.

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