Good Job by TL Jones feat. Brookie P, A First-Rate Banger Merging Aggressive With Sexy

From Lawrence, Kansas, TL Jones, our awarded Best R&B Artist Of 2022, is here to break necks and shatter records. Her newest release featuring Brookie P, titled Good Job, is uhm, simply put, the apotheosis of TL Jones as an artist yet. Musically desiccated and heavily reliant on the attitude, ad-libs, and rap prowess of the otherwise R&B singer, Good Job is an apposite anthem for bad b*tches making sh*t happen. Yes, we cursed. You will too when you hear the hook ⭐

As for the inspiration behind this absolute banger, the singer recalls: “I and my friends were sitting in my garage and I was in a writing mood. As I began playing the beat I wanted to write to, my friend, Brookie P, actually reminded me of my go-to phrase as of lately “B*tch you doing a good job!” And so from our inside joke, we laid out the chorus for the song.

The bass commencing the song and the synth going in a loop louder and louder denote a theatrical menace. With the first ay, you instantly recognize the R&B singer’s voice. But what is she gonna do with a beat so hard and so blatantly different than the suave music she’s gotten us used to? Epic sh*t. That’s what she’s here to do. To confirm, TL Jones asks Ready to f*ck it up? YES WE ARE.

B*tch you doing a good job is the only line you need to remember for the superiorly cool hook. It has so much oomph and attitude that you’re hit with the utmost surprise of realizing this is the same songstress who was belting her pain out in Miss Me. To say that it’s catchy is an understatement. This is a banger through and through. The clubs need this song NOW! We are sick and tired of drill music. Gotta claim back the Rap scene with hot stuff and TL Jones has got it.

Brookie P is the one in charge of the first verse and she’s here rapping with a calm demeanor of infinite possibilities: Money in the bank, if you broke then that just ain’t my prob/ I’m all about that paper, get that paper, ain’t no days off/ Lil mama said she tired, then she fired, ain’t no layoffs (you’re fired)/ I’m focused and determined, know practice always makes perfect. Mamma mia! Nobody was spared and definitely not whoever got tired 😀 Reminding us of “somebody is gettin’ fired, hey, hey”(Does anybody know the code for the gasp emoji??)

In the second part of her verse, Brookie P speeds up the flow and sounds just as flawless and her diction is irreproachable. This ambitious disposition flaunted since the beginning confers a tremendous swag and rap star credibility to the artist. TL Jones, you sure know how to pick your collaborators!

TL Jones covering the second verse initiates her flirtatious yet in-your-face ritual with the audience with a very staccato flow to her bars: B*tch you doing a good job, that’s my mantra every day/ ‘Cause in my mental, I’m the baddest, that’s why I always slay/ Get your grind up, learn your background before you go front/ Stay authentic from the jump, don’t let no simp f*ck you up. From the feminine singer to the aggressive boss it only takes a hard beat and an inside joke turned banger. TL Jones now shows the public her capacity of varying across genres and flows thus compelling respect from the audience. Her best part, however, is yet to come.

You can’t take me off cause I’ve always been on/ No b*tch in my blood, daddy lessons from a Knowles/ But I aspire to be the best like the reigning queen B/ Though B ain’t in my name don’t get it twisted, I’m a beast. Woosh! Quoting Beyonce as the appropriate reaction to these bars: she murdered everybody and I was her witness. Who knew that a bonafide R&B songstress can just as well kill a Rap verse? The proficiency in both genres was mentioned by TL Jones before this section because the woman knows her value and is embracing it full-on. We must add, the 180 flip on the public enlarges our likeness of the singer, songwriter, producer. The brilliance of her Rap with the cold fury in her voice makes TL Jones one of the best on the indie market to flex like this.

Good Job is a modern work-empowering anthem that thrills with the Rap glamor of knowing thy value laid on top of a minimalistic beat carried by two extraordinarily vehement artists.

Song Credits: Ty’esha L. Jones (TL Jones) – Artist, Lyricist; Shaqueda Pettis (Brookie P) – Lyricist; Valeriy Shvedov (Black Surfer) – Music Producer; Jaz Brewer – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support the uprising star TL Jones by streaming Good Job on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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