How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel In 10 Steps (part 2)

We’re going to assume you did your due diligence and already implemented the first 5 steps from How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel part 1. This is critical for the next 5 steps are only efficient if the base is covered. Now read on to discover the full process of optimizing your YouTube Channel to get the most out of this amazing platform that is still the go-to source for discovering new artists.

5. Remove Shorts With Little To No Views (And Other Videos).

Although we love Kyng Kai, the past two videos need to be either promoted to reach at least double the amount or deleted altogether.

You require a bit of marketing awareness to calculate your video views average and never let any of your uploads go below that threshold. This is KEY in showing consistency, brand credibility, and potential of scaling up your fanbase. We are well aware that as an indie artist you are more often than not, on a non-friendly budget and won’t have the financial means to push every single, music video, lyric video, etc. which will result in some high discrepancies between your uploads. Your task is to get rid of your lowest-performing videos. They stand out too much and prove you’re not always successful in retaining the attention of your fans, and take it from us, record labels stay far away from artists who can’t prove that their fans will show up and show out.

4. Curate ALL Of Your Video Thumbnails.

Shilpa Ananth does a great job at curating her thumbnails

We have quite literally spoonfed you the rules to follow and the how-to process for the absolute best YouTube thumbnail choice to get the most views possible. You MUST repeat the process for ALL of the videos uploaded on your channel. If you only curate one thumbnail while the rest are looking like static images, kiss your conversion rates bye-bye.

3. Update The Captions, Tags, And Links For All Video Descriptions.

Shakira’s YouTube is updated throughout all of her oldest videos with links pointing to newer music videos and a direct call to action to ask the voice device to play Shakira.

How many times did you come across a music video of your favorite artist, chiefly the older material, and the links are outdated, tags – irrelevant, and captions – non-existent? This is such a deadly mistake that almost ALL artists make with the exception of few, who understand that your old material can bring a lot of traction to your new material. This is a major free traffic source especially if one of your older songs stood the test of time and you’re constantly getting streams and views on it. If many fans keep going back to that one song that got you a reputation out there, you better write in the video description, AFTER the proper links pointing to your website and 2 top active social profiles, that you have a new song/ video out and paste the link to it. Make your past music and videos work for your present releases. Not to mention, it shows you’re not dead and that you are managing your YouTube Channel in the present moment. And given the pandemic, the present is the only thing we care about.

2. Include ONLY Active Links In The Social Media Tab.

Magic Music Group YouTube Channel only features 2 social links

You ever pondered what happens when you walk into a shoe store and have 5 options you like instead of 1? You take 5 times the time to decide which one you want and there’s also a fat risk you might end up buying ZERO shoes at all when you have that many options. Equally, when you only like one pair of shoes from the entire store, you are convinced it’s the right choice and don’t question the purchase. So why are you distracting your fans from following you on ONE consistent social channel? It is better to only be active on Instagram and get to 50k followers than be everywhere and have 1000 fans on each profile. Start with one, MAX two social links in the dedicated section on your YouTube Channel, and build from there.

1. Hide Your Subscriptions, Comments, And Any User-Like Activity.

Eminem’s YouTube Channel only features subscriptions in which the artist has a direct interest in and something to gain from

Because you need brand reputation and not moral judgement. People will and do judge you based on your subs, comments, likes, private playlists, fashion taste, etc. We advise you to NEVER use your main YouTube account with a personal approach, meaning you only keep it for business and building a fanbase. And if you’re really itching for those comments and engaging with other channels, especially if it’s highly controversial material, create a secondary, anonymous channel that you use for personal consumption. Keep the two boxes separate so that no one can ever screenshot what you say now and get you in hot water 5 years down the road.

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