5 New Ideas You Need To Adopt NOW To Gain Gen-Z Fans

It is without a doubt that the world has changed and ideas have been transformed. Whether you’ve already realized this on your own or you need a push, today we’ve outlined the top 5 new ideas you need to adopt now to gain Gen-Z fans because these young people are more opposed to the old-school mentality than any generation prior. Let’s say if you yell at a Millennial, they will try to do better at work. But if you yell at a Gen Z employee, they’ll quit with a dose of pettiness, make a 3-part TikTok series about your crappy behavior, and leave reviews to make sure no one ever deals with you again. They are brutal and things are quite black-and-white with them as opposed to the many gray areas of the past generations.

5. Your Gender Does Not Determine Your Potential

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Besides having normalized terms like non-binary, gender fluid, polyamory, and Ze, stuff the millennials sometimes still don’t know what they mean (for a breakdown go here), Gen Z are quickly doing away with awards such as Best Female Artist and equally Best Male Artist. Sincerely, our opinion? It was about damn time. Music is not a sport and one’s creativity should not be limited by their gender. Plus, it’ll be much more entertaining seeing the likes of Shawn Mendes going head to head with Dua Lipa for Best Artist than Shawn against Puth or something. Mix them all and let’s grab our popcorn!

On a serious note, Nicki Minaj once made a very valid point stating that she doesn’t like the term female rapper because, in her humble opinion, she’s better than many male rappers as well. We agree.

4. Positioning Yourself Superiorly To The Fans Will Create Distance Between You.

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Putting yourself out there has become the new standard and we have even very old school stars like John Legend and Jason Derulo shooting videos and trends to stay relevant. They’ll even tell you in their captions, like Ed Sheeran did, how the management demanded they shot this. There are no rules, no mystery, no must-stay-private-about-X-matter. Au contraire, the more honest and open you are, the tighter the bond between you and your fans. We remember when we first got on TikTok and got extremely uncomfortable seeing how these young artists allowed themselves to cry on camera, to say the story behind the breakup song, to open up about childhood trauma, etc. It felt like we were prying upon hundreds and hundreds of real-life humans. Then time passed, and we understood why there is such a huge discrepancy between the Instagram crowd and the TikTok audience. Two different worlds. Our advice? Bet on the young ones. It’s easier to be yourself on TikTok than it is to pretend to be happy on IG.

3. Perfection Is The Death Of Relatability

courtesy of Rolling Stones Italy

Do the following: watch some Doja Cat TikToks then go watch some Beyonce’ so-called authentic videos. Your jaw will drop. Beyonce is always mega curated to the point of feeling ethereal. Doja Cat is savage and has no filter, no here-to-please-you demeanor, no pretense of being perfect. We’ve seen her wig falling off in the past on live video, her face with no makeup, her sticking up french fries up her nose, her mocking trends and dancing like a psychiatric ward patient, etc. Don’t believe authenticity makes the difference? Beyonce has 33 million monthly listeners on Spotify whereas Doja Cat has 56 million listeners. That authenticity and shamelessly embracing your quirkiness directly translated into TWENTY MILLION more listeners. And no, Doja being younger is not an excuse. If anything, it shows that even if Beyonce has been around for decades, she doesn’t have the pulling power one would think she should have by now.

2. Multitasking And Multi-Careers Are The New Norm

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Several economic crashes, a pandemic, and now a war has made everyone realize that we used to live in a damn bubble mostly created by Hollywood movies and pretending influencers. Many of us are broke, many are holding several jobs down to make ends meet, and most have had to switch from their initial field to another one for various reasons. Do you know what is not cool? Lying that you’re a full-time artist when you’re also an IT specialist and are helping your mom with her catering services on the weekends. Tell your true story and EMBRACE your entrepreneurial character. Gen Z are in the crypto market while minting NFTs and somehow traveling on a budget to a new country every weekend. They ARE multi-career individuals and they will appreciate you more than you think.

1. Fighting For A Cause, Albeit Wrong, Is Still Better Than Standing For Nothing At All

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The new generation has learned to get along despite blatantly different opinions. You will easily assist how one Gen Z coworker makes fun of another for their taste of food or take on political matters but still eat lunch together and create content in the same office. What these young folks DON’T like, is someone who’s lost and won’t clearly state who they are and what they think. At the very least admit you’re in a confused state. Always being bland in what you say, sing, rap, or do will turn off most people being online these days because Gen Z is shaping the present and everyone is taking after them. It’s on you to make sure you’re not left behind.

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