10 Ways To Guaranteedly Get More Website Traffic As A Musician

Let’s make one thing clear off the bat, these are 10 ways to get TRAFFIC to your website and not how to convert visitors into fans. Getting traffic to your music website is vital when first starting out. It helps with SEO, credibility, ranking, branding, and statistics for various third parties. Even the likes of Facebook and Instagram measure your website traffic when deciding whether to give you the blue badge or not. So do your homework below and get to action to get those eyeballs rolling!

10. Post On Reddit.

Don’t post a thread asking for feedback. Very few will care if any thus you’ll get low visibility. Search instead for larger discussions where people ask for indie artist recommendations and songs similar to X artist. Also, preferably, pretend to be a friend of yours or a cousin recommending your music. Self-advocating is usually a big turn-off. Another trick: ask for help from web engineers on dedicated threads. They’ll be happy to help out and give you feedback on your website. And most likely will actually click to hear you out too.

9. Put Up Link In Bio On All Social Media Profiles.

Wherever your name is, your website link should go too. 99% of social media allows for a web link. When you’re first starting out, DO NOT put in a linktree. Use your website instead and make your website BE your linktree. Do not lose traffic on your laziness.

8. Update Other Types Of Profiles.

If you’re a photographer in your free time, which many musicians tend to be, wherever you are as a photographer describing their skills, add somewhere in the middle or towards the end something along the lines “I also love music and you can hear my songs at http://www.rest-of-the-link.com” Equally if you play online games and there are communities built around your game, tell your teammates/ digital tribe about what you do and shoot the link. Don’t be spammy. Build genuine connections first and people’s curiosity will naturally arise.

7. Tell About Your Website To Family And Relatives.

You’d be surprised to find out how many new artists stay silent about their music career out of fear of being judged by those close in real life. Well, if your music sucks expect harsh feedback because families know you too well to sugarcoat anything. They will probably be your biggest critics. But if you’re a decent performer, they will encourage you and tell everyone they know about you. People can tell when someone’s got it or not. So if you’re a good artist, ask your family to help out and spread the word by reposting and resharing the link to your website.

6. Run Cheap Ads On Fan Pages.

Because new fans are unlikely to care about who you are. Ideally, you want to target people who already like your Page and their friends. Targeting people already familiar with your face and music will bring you a much higher ROI than first-time visitors.

5. Use Facebook Groups In An Organic Manner.

We must stress that if you’re gonna spam the groups stating like a fool that this is my website, please visit it, nobody is gonna wanna invest any time in getting to know you. First and foremost, find high-quality groups, secondly, offer advice and support FIRST, and only THEN feel free to talk about your own website.

4. Dating Apps

This is a dirty one because it works so damn efficiently especially if you’re a good-looking man/ woman. In the About section put in your website link and talk shortly about your love for music in the description and then slide right to everyone on the screen. This is a major traffic source and you better make sure your real-life boyfriend/girlfriend knows this is a tactic to get website traffic and that you’re not there for scoring dates.

3. Show Off A Big Banner At Your Live Shows.

Because the out of sight out of mind thing works! Respectively in your face equals you’ll pay attention! Design a really cool, really outstanding and eye-catching banner and carry it with you at all gigs and shows. Even if you go up on stage for one song, that’s still 3 minutes of your website being advertised to new people. Fun fact: often photos from live events end up on social media and if you had a big as* banner behind you or next to you, the promotion continues for free on social media a long time after the event has ended.

2. Stamp Link On Big Items And Possessions.

Artists with nice cars or bikes can make a pretty neat use of their already cool possessions. Heck, if you can customize your cool iPhone case and sacrifice your Nike shoes for custom drawing, get your website link typed out/ stamped/ printed/ painted on all the pricey things you have. This will achieve two things for you: 1. the association between your music brand and luxury items will inherently bring about a feeling of a worthy artist 2. People will visit your website out of sheer curiosity.

1. Update The Description Of All Your YouTube Videos.

Because you underestimate how much free traffic there is around your older material. Take cue from mainstream artists who don’t miss a single chance to advertise their projects and websites in the YouTube video descriptions. If you go to JLo’s Waiting For Tonight music video, you’ll see how her team put up a ton of RELEVANT links on a 12-year old video (since it was uploaded onto the platform and not since it was released in real life).

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