Our Favorite Song by Sense Of May, A Heart-warming Acoustic Piece From Riga, Latvia

Good music will always find its way across seas, oceans, continents, and everything else in between. Today is our first time covering a record from Riga, Latvia. Our Favorite Song by Sense Of May, beams with a hypnotic, serene quality to it. It’s minimalistic, it’s endearing, it’s therapy for Acoustic Pop lovers. Ekaterina, the singer of Sense Of May, shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “Our Favorite Song is inspired by nostalgic summer vibes and it’s all about returning to the place where I and my significant other met while listening to your favorite song and singing along to it. Now, where’s the other half today is open for interpretation.

We know we’ve said this repeatedly but damn does it feel good when an indie act dives straight into the music and essence of the song without too much buildup or prolonged intros. We’re here for the song and Sense Of May is giving it to us! Ekaterina Ivanova’s tranquil voice reverberates with softness and warmth: Going back, my darling/ Summer breeze – it’s calling/ Once again/ How I miss that feeling/ Heavy heart – misleading. The vocals are affectionately preserved in their natural state with minimal editing on top.

When nearing that last part, we hear a second guitar layered in. Eduard Frolov, the man behind the instrumental of Our Favorite Song, has employed a large acoustic treatment of the tune by amalgamating a monochromatic guitar on a lower pitch and a spicier one for the higher notes, which gives life to the song throughout the 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Now what follows next might be considered the pre-hook as you’ll hear it again a second time later on. This is where/ We first met/ Oh it’s been so long/ This is where/ We first met/ And we played this song, still warmly but with a tad more force sings Ekaterina. The commercial appeal is most evident on this section and for the high earworm factor it sports, it most naturally attracts the listener’s full, undivided attention. If all the other songs from their EP are just as beautifully and strategically constructed, it just might be worth the listen!

The upcoming “cooldown” after the artist’s vocal emphasis, soothes the audience and proves that Sense Of May is a resourceful duo. It neatly falls into the same easy-breezy line with the rest of the record. Tara ta tam/ Tara ta tam is all you need to remember to hum along to the magical voice of Ekaterina.

At exactly halfway through, the song picks up in instrumentation with subtle drums and a persistent guitar tenaciously filling up the room. The two confer Our Favorite Song a subtle yet gracious undertone of gravitas.

And when everyone else would have gone screaming, Sens Of May completely strips the music and heavily relies on the singer’s voice on the bridge section: I sing along/ To our favorite song/ Thinking of you. The melancholy is felt thoroughly for the first time.

Of a simplicity that’s irresistible and an acoustic serenity that’s shocking when compared to the busyness of mainstream music, Our Favorite Song by Sense Of May is particularly fascinating in its Acoustic Pop rendition.

Song Credits: Eduard Frolov – Guitarist, Music Producer, Lyricist; Ekaterina Ivanova – Singer, Lyricist.

Make sure you support Sense Of May by streaming the entire Ripples EP on Amazon Music HERE, Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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