Dlm by ASTY, A Gorgeous Metal Breath From Shadrinsk, Russia

Why do we describe songs as a vital human process? Because quite literally, music is a human creation that transcends conscious awareness in the brain. At least according to scientists. Respectively, today’s song, Dlm, acronym for don’t love me, is somberly unstinting with its Metal core sound, passionately furious guitars, and gorgeously soaring male vocals. It snatches your senses and sublimely supplies your expectations.

The creator of this masterpiece is a one-man band, ASTY. Artem Gorshkov, from Shadrinsk, Russia, shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I’ve been a Rammfan and NHD-genre-fan since secondary school. After quite the time in Rammstein-tribute groups, I decided to make MY music after MY own heart and likeness. I hope people like it!

The stolid thump of the drums paired immediately with the harsh guitar ooze more than just magnetism. This is the soul of an artist and you feel it. The whooshing FX creeping up on you from the background to the foreground confers an extra layer of depth to the already amazing setup. By second 10, it’s a show. A bonafide Metal earworm that’s already got you hooked without even delivering any lyrics yet.

You stay on your knees/ You look in my eyes/ You need a one kiss/ You want me surprise/ I don’t need your love/ I don’t wanna be friends/ So what you will do when we fall down like this?, sings Artem with an undertone of growling but only ever so subtle just to remind you the root genre of Dlm. It is curious how the artist succeeds in maintaining an almost conversational tone in delivering the lyrics. He is asking questions and you, as the listener, clearly perceive them as such.

Before we’re hit with the glorious hook, ASTY sets in motion a cool-as-f*ck two-liner that announces the arrival of the aftermath: You scream my name, when we flying again, followed by the gargantuan Don’t Love Me.

The second verse follows the melodic input of the verse one with a nice lyrical twist nearing dark, covert toxicity: You have nothing to lose/ Except heart in your chest/ We do it again/ I lie to you again/ I get what I want breaking out your plan. And a bitterly appealing bridge morphing into the outro section, displays the singer’s higher register and much softer vocal approach: You speak from heart not from the brain/ I never loved you, never felt the same/ When you realize it you want to die/ You’ll never leave me and you never try.

Holy wow! After those melancholic vocals, the instrumental picks up, goes berserk in its aggressive sonic spectacle, and bends the genre gleaming for a healthy portion in Dubstep tones (2:38 up to 2:48). This magnificent play breaks down into a hearty Rock orchestration that leads the audience into the last repeat of the hook.

To think that this is the creation of one guy, begs for a big WTF moment. Actually no, turn that into HTF. Yes, How The F*ck someone so undeniably talented is not known on a much larger scale? Dlm is an excellent promise of a larger repertoire from ASTY to the public. If this is the beginning, imagine what the apogee of ASTY’s music will sound like.

Song Credits: Artem Gorshkov (ASTY) – Instrumentalist, Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Recording Engineer.

Make sure you support ASTY by streaming Dlm on YouTube Music HERE, Amazon HERE, Tidal HERE, Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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