Wish You Well by Felicia Lu, Dark Pop To Soothe Your Ears And Shock Your Eyes

With 180k monthly listeners on Spotify, a recent Eurovision performance, and a voice register that’s defining this generation’s likeness, Felicia Lu from Vienna, Austria, is making some serious waves in the music industry. Her latest release, Wish You Well, is a master-level Dark Pop bop that’s gonna turn you away from Billboard charts and on to the indie artists.

I wrote Wish You Well to tell the story of a break-up where one has been fooled by the other and is walking away, “wishing them well” which may be interpreted with a bit of sarcasm,” shares Felicia Lu exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment. That sarcasm the singer is mentioning is to be discovered in its full splendor in the second part of the music video. She means what she says.

This is good stuff. Ta-da-da-dam, ta-da-da-dam, mhmm, commences the singer with imperturbable calm. The airy, sweetly toned voice continues in the same vein of tranquility: I can see what you are hiding from yourself (mh)/ Unlike all who’re gonna kiss and never tell (mh)/ I believed that karma’s gonna get it straight/ Now I know that you’re the one whose cards you played (mh). The appeal of Wish You Well is already manifesting itself in various ways: one, through the excellently delivered and produced vocals of Felicia Lu, and two, through the poetic lyrics that preserve however a palpable resentment.

The following sequence benefits from harsher drums that are letting the music come into the picture but always secondary to the songstress’s lead track: Always tried to change me/ Breathe in and count down to three (one, two)/ They think I wish you hell/ But I just wish you well. Woosh! Speak about truly moving on. And yes, Felicia Lu’s pipes are astoundingly similar to Alessia Cara’s with the main difference consisting of the latter’s more nasal tonality.

The chorus of the composition relishes the earworm quality of both the lyrics, their melodic arrangement, and the music itself: You made me believe but now the curtain’s closed/ I know they will see every lie you’ve told/ They think I wish you hell/ But I just wish you well. Notice the juxtaposition of the high-pitched notes versus the cold, electric synth on the bottom thus endowing the song with an ominous feeling of toxic love. There’s just something eerie as hell about a woman who is so calm after her feelings have been obviously hurt. And not to mention Felicia Lu’s acting skills. The woman is phenomenal in portraying word by word exactly what she’s saying.

The second verse is curt, sweet, and cutting that man’s ego like it was the last piece of sushi going on a buffet conveyor belt: Truly all that I feel is sympathy (mh)/ Must be tough to not have the ability/ To love and care. And the desert froze.

Felicia Lu then contrives a deeper scheme of the song’s motif and leads the audience into a more vulnerable bridge where she directly explains the sh*t that went down that brought about the creation of this Dark Pop masterpiece: You always tried to play me/ You never really loved me/ But if you’re walking through hell right now/ I won’t stop you going/ You always brought pain to me/ You never took it away from me/ And if you’re thinking I’m broken down/ You won’t stop me from growing.

And seriously, watch the music video and you will see how we hit the nail on the head on the head when we told you this woman is dangerous 😮 Fabulous? Yes, but dangerous too.

Wish You Well is one entertaining Dark Pop showpiece that viciously arrests the listener’s attention time and time again for various different reasons be it the singer’s ethereal voice, the instrumental’s harsh electric base, or the movie-like delicious visual.

Song Credits: Felicia Lu Kürbiß (Felicia Lu) – Singer, Songwriter; Dany Weisz – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Felicia Lu by streaming Wish You Well on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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