Clear Blue Sky by Alexia Vegas, A Masterpiece Disguised In Chill Pop Tunes From NYC

Okay, it’s official: laid-back music is a trend and it’s reigning high. After the Downtempo of Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda, in comes Alexia Vegas, a burgeoning songwriter from the Big Apple. And she’s good. Acoustically soothing yet substantially surprising, Clear Blue Sky presents Alexia Vegas as one of the finest exemplars of modern Chill Pop, conferring the audience the classic drum pattern of Pop Hits with the tranquility and depth of indie music.

I finally decided to put all my conflicting emotions into a song to play for the boy as if it was just a song I wrote and I wanted his opinion. I thought to myself, ‘If he doesn’t respond to the lyrics, I can just say, ‘It’s just a song!’ and continue with our friendship. But if he responds positively, well…I had nothing to lose!” shares the brilliant Alexia Vegas exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The angelical aaah-ahhhs veiled by the electric, low-toned synth render the initial experience of Clear Blue Sky that of a fog lifting and a fairy tale emerging from it. The voice of the songstress, sure enough, delivers immediately: I look out at the clear blue sky/ I see miles between you and I/ And I want to be there with you, boy/ But the distance seems far too wide. Alexia’s range seems to land in the Soprano register with a warm tone to it but with more base support than Ariana Grande’s voice for one.

The story unfolds with a poetic approach and drums added in the background: I know you’ve been alone for too long/ Your heart drifting without a home/ Can you see that I’m still beside you/ While others have come and gone? And as come and gone land, the listener witnesses the beautiful escalation in pitch from the supporting vocals. The pre-build announces the chorus in a subtle yet powerful manner.

Yes, I know that you care/ But do you feel the way I do?/ Or do you still hold out hope/ For someone else?/ For the world can be cold/ And sometimes the love around you/ Is worth more than all the love/ You find out there. Alexia Vegas sure knows how to write an earworm in slowed-down tempos because this is hard stuff. It is much easier to compose a catchy motif on an upbeat track that basically self-dictates the direction of the song. Now writing a Chill Hop song and yet preventing it from falling under the Ballad genre, takes acute skill. On streaming platforms, we’ve only found this release under Alexia Vegas’ name but from a songwriting standpoint, she seems to have quite the experience.

The song progresses with a slow-down before the second verse kicks in that lasts 4 bars and places an almost rhetorical question on the love interest: Yes, out in the clear blue sky/ We see the moments that pass us by/ Will you just let them slip away, boy/ Or hold them with all your might?

Now the bridge… Is hard to swallow. All of our lives we hold on to/ The dreams that we hope come true/ But like a shooting star across the sky/ They burn bright and fade from view. That’s when the Clear Blue Sky became a punch in the gut. It peaks marvelously about dreams and shooting stars and then it brings us all to the reality that life is ephemeral and so are the dreams we have. Alexia Vegas, this is the first time we meet you, but for all your songwriting brilliance and wit, we will remember you.

With a curt, yet giving-us-hope outro, Then out of the clear blue sky/ You smile and you catch my eye, the song comes to an end. Clear Blue Sky is anything but clear or blue or sky-ish. It’s a masterpiece in Chill Pop disguise pondering the reciprocity of a blooming love with a healthy touch of realism.

Song Credits: Alexia Vegas – Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Composer; Mario Almonte – Lyricist, Music Producer.

Make sure you support Alexia Vegas by supporting Clear Blue Sky on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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