hunter root quicksand sinking cover art

Quicksand Sinking by Hunter Root, Hiding Folk Pop Spice In Nice With Lyrical Vice

What does Hunter Root from Lancaster, PA, have in common with Kanye West from Chicago, IL? They’ve both suffered jaw injuries and as a result, put out their best music yet. “Quicksand Sinking was written in the midst of a series of unfortunate events that occurred in my life over the course of the last six months. I went from being physically ill with a bad fever to getting a rotten tooth pulled by a careless dentist. The tooth extraction gave me a TMJ disorder AND something called Trismus which put me out of playing gigs for months. I’m still dealing with it! Extreme frustration with the healing process and the looming depression from not doing the thing I love (playing live music), led me to crank out this tune,” shares Hunter Root exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Quicksand Sinking is spicy. No, seriously. The song holds an existential lyrical scene together with the help of Hunter’s organic vocals and the simplicity of two majesticly overlaid instruments, the guitar and the violin.

How effing interesting! The first guitar strums are quite the delight in bringing about Western movie vibes. Yes, the ones with cowboys and gorgeous horses. But with the passing seconds, the cowboy becomes a heartthrob and the horse becomes his guitar. This is so like Hunter Root and the acoustic tricks up his sleeve.

With a magnificent grip on the instrumental, Quicksand Sinking adds an aloof, cold violin to the mix that stirs sh*t up. The heartthrob might be a criminal after all.

Still my mind Lord I can’t stop thinking/ I made myself at home in the quicksand sinking/ Less is more baby/ Show me the door love/ Ease my mind but my body’s still shaking/ Made myself at home in the quicksand sinking, sings Hunter Root for the public. Although minimalistic in orchestration, the record is produced on a grand-scale dynamic. The guitar is big, the violin is imposing, the vocals are oozing reverb, and the totality of these elements converts the curious listener into a loyal consumer of Root’s masterpieces.

After a curt doo-doo-doo and what sounds like an instrumental hook, the singer adds to the narrative some real knowledge while keeping it poetic and a tad whimsical: My name and my heart baby that’s what you’ll be taking/ Don’t fall in love when your heart is still aching/ Show me the way/ Just give me a day love/ I can’t play ’round here no more/ Ease my mind but my body’s still shaking. If you’ve paid attention to the melodic layout, but if you didn’t it’s understandable because Hunter’s voice has that effect on its listeners, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how the songwriter abides by the same music motif as in the beginning, sprinkling his Folk Pop rendition with that fast vibrato technique he’s naturally gifted with.

After repeating Make yourself at home in the quicksand sinking, the earworm morphs into a type of subtle bridge section with layered choir voices leading the music into the last segment of the song. The impeccable production is maintained and upheld throughout the entire duration of Quicksand Sinking. And that cajon you’re hearing amalgamated with the drums? Always Root. Hunter Root the producer, composer, singer, and everything else in between.

Succeeding a nice, suave repeat of the verses and one added line to the first one (Less is more baby/ Show me the door love/ I can’t play ’round here no more), Quicksand Sinking comes to a beautiful end.

Hunter Root generally requires frequent revisits of his Acoustic-anchored catalog for the artist keeps importing a sense of adventure, progress through life, and dealing with emotions via his increasingly legendary releases such as Quicksand Sinking.

Song Credits: Hunter Root – Singer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer, Guitar, Cajon, Bass, and Tambourine Player; Robin Chambers – Violin Player; Spencer Martin – Music Producer.

Make sure you support Hunter Root by streaming Quicksand Sinking on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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