New Day Coming by Bjorn Rydhog, Alternative Indie Through A Vintage Kaleidoscope

Today’s song comes from Malmö, Skåne, Sweden. New Day Coming by Bjorn Rydhog gracefully follows the vintage, Alternative vibes with Indie Pop tangencies similar to the likes of Foster The People. The single supplies the acute need for hope in a society and time plagued with doubt, hard times, and loss of life. A cathartic release of honesty and self-forgiveness layered on a minimalistic instrumental.

I wrote and produced New Day Coming during the pandemic. It became a prophetic record regarding the war in Ukraine as well, noted in the “only love can end this war” bit,” shares Bjorn Rydhog exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Crafted in the same key of B minor as Rihanna’s Diamonds, and most definitely carrying the same beautiful manipulation of a personal message intertwined with the instruments, New Day Coming jumpstarts with the singer’s retro-filtered vocals: Tell me this boy/ Was I made for lovin’?/ Wasn’t my heart/ Made for no one? That half-breathed no one adds a mighty touch of suspense preceding the richer instrumentation in the upcoming segment: We never change/ We are no saints/ That’s all I know/ (I wanna tell you, that’s all I know). The respective sequence can be considered a catchy pre-hook with added supporting vocals and sharp claps.

There’s a new day coming/ We can’t sleep no more/ There’s a new day coming/ Only love can end this war/ New waves coming (x2), follows the gorgeous, lightweight chorus comprised of the multiplied lead voice and airy progressions rooted in the electro synth heavily bringing about ’80s spice. Thinking that the war part was written before anything of the kind even loomed above Eastern Europe, it does indeed prove that artists have a connection to the Higher Spirit who’s often premonitory. And you are absolutely free to choose who your guiding spirit is because here at BRE, we’re international and we support artists of different nationalities and religions.

The second verse unleashes that self-acceptance and unconditional understanding of the supposed love interest as portrayed in the music video but it might be as easily applied to someone in need of feeling heard: I know you’re afraid/ To go against the grain/ You don’t mind/ Playing the game. The groove and pristine mix further beckon the audience into the bridge section: We’ll be making the arrangement/ Doing calibrations/ To set us free/ We’ll be making calculations/ Deep considerations/ To set us free.

The sweet-sounding outro is rendered specially sensitive by the stripped-down instrumental. You can feel the touch of a divine connection through the last notes of New Day Coming.

Bjorn Rydhog combines on New Day Coming whiffs of the sophisticated ’80s sound with an almost religious approach to acceptance of human flaws. As personal as universal a theme one could ask for from an indie artist.

Song Credits: Björn Fredrik Håkan Rydhög (Bjorn Rydhog), Olof Sven Petter Gråham, Johan Rickard Sigerud – Songwriters, Composers.

Make sure you support Bjorn Rydhog by streaming New Day Coming on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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