How You Feel by HENRY ABERSON, Neo-Soul For The Sophisticated Ear

How do you know someone only cares about the music and not much, if at all, about social media? Has 24k listeners on Spotify and a fiftieth of that in followers on Instagram, 464 to be more precise at the moment of writing this article. Henry Aberson from Tulsa, OK, got the talented singer Nariah Taylor from The Dalles, OR, and an equally vital third party to the mix, Rob Manzoli from London, to hop together on a bit that started around Christmas time but let Henry tell you the story. “How You Feel began in Christmas 2021 when Rob, the guitarist from London, and I had been working on some original material and I sent him a drum track and said “Happy Holidays, here’s a vibe for you,” and we went back and forth until we asked Nariah Taylor to write the lyrics and sing it. I must mention, it’s not a Christmas song.” 😀 Okay Henry, we got the memo!

How You Feel is a seldom-met blooming organic piece that transposes your bored self to the sophisticated live lounge of an exotic island to which only rich folks have access. Yes, catalyzing your imagination into the finer dimensions of life while making you realize how far you are from it. Sigh!

Everything is f*cking perfect. From the shy guitar, to the endearing lyrics and large-sounding drums. But since we can’t drop the article midway, we’ll still proceed with our usual in-depth take on what goes on during the song.

The feeling is fire/ Love and desire/ I hope you know I still feel ways bout you/ Love sometimes goes sour/ It happened to ours/ But I’ll never forget how you made me feel, sings Nariah Taylor. That voice! A bit raspy, a tad warm, a dash nasal, and even sultry in places. Considering the lyrics, sounds like someone knew exactly who to trust for the part.

The second part of verse 1 takes the role of a pre-hook without repeating the same words as the next time you’ll recognize it during How You Feel: Like I was lost but headed in the right direction/ No one could tell me that things would go left/ Or that I would never understand how we. All the way up to this point, the obedient guitar and multi-layered drums accompanied Nariah’s vocals with tremendous decorum enhancing the delivery of the singer. From here on, the orchestration enjoys graceful alterations.

How we fell off when we were just falling in love/ Or how you just move on after telling me I was the one/ ay-hey-hey/ Thought this was for real/ But since that’s how you feel gives us a bonafide Neo-Soul rendition the artist from Dalles. A personification of softness mixed with personality and an intimate narrative. It goes without saying, the chorus is mega sticky and it becomes a solid earworm by the second repetition. The instrumentation is pristinely mixed and mastered bubbling with a seductive groove and a push-and-pull dynamic. Think of passive-aggressive flirtations. That’s right up that alley in terms of sonic mood.

Shortly after, the guitar sees a moment of soloism that grants subtle exultation to the audience appreciative of classic riffs and a dose of soul in the middle.

The second verse abides by the base lyrical line posing direct questions like Was this just a game? and But what did you gain from breaking me in two? and the pre-hook, as mentioned in the beginning, sees a different word formulation albeit it keeping the note progression: Don’t you miss the butterflies?/ Your hands in mines/ But now my heart is only half its size/ And all I’ll ever think about is how we.

How You Feel sounds like a bottle of champagne being slowly stripped of its golden aluminum foil represented by the hot guitar while the sounds of it gradually being ripped away, are the drums that are quiet but present. Sure enough, the burst of foam is Nariah Taylor’s otherworldly Neo-Soul voice.

Song Credits: Nariah Taylor – Singer, Lyricist; Rob Manzoli – Bass and Electric Guitar Player; Henry Aberson (HENRY ABERSON) – Drum Player, Producer; Derek Garten (Prime Studios, Nashville) – Mixing Engineer; Josh Keith – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support HENRY ABERSON by streaming How You Feel on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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