10 Fashion Brands That You Should Try Out As An Indie Artist (part 1/2)

As you already know, the way you dress is how you impress. But what kind of impression are you leaving upon others when you dress in the same uber-famous Balenciaga pants and Ralph Lauren shirts that mainstream artists do? In case you forgot, you’re INDEPENDENT and your attire should reflect the pride you take in controlling your masters and career. Something you won’t achieve by promoting the already-mega-popular brands. Accordingly, we put together a list for you, the independent artist, of the top 10 fashion brands that will make you stand out from the crowd and accurately reflect your unique star in this world.

10. Interior

Think old money meets modern demand. Established in 2020 by Jack Miner and Lily Miesmer, Interior blends a trio of deep elements into their attire: sportswear, tailored items, and eveningwear. According to their official website, the name is a play on the fact that fashion albeit being worn on the exterior of the body, it represents the interior of the individual.

Matching genres: Neo-Soul, New Age, Downtempo, Jazz.

9. Kwaidan Editions

Think spicy hip. Founded in London in 2017 by Hung La and Léa Dickely, who are husband and wife, Kwaidan Editions heavily relies on luxury chic plus vintage based on the ’70s textures and colors. Hung La who’s Vietnamese-American, designed for the likes of Celine and Balenciaga prior to starting Kwaidan with his wife.

Matching Genres: Dream Pop, Disco, Acid Jazz, Garage Rock.

8. Collina Strada

Think Doja Cat on steroids. That would be EXACTLY what Collina Strada looks like. Unhinged in colors and textures, founded in 2009 by Hillary Taymour, the fashion brand markets itself as a platform for climate awareness, social acceptance, and self-expression. Fluid, colorful, and very reminiscent of Japanese fashion, Collina Strada is definitely an impression maker.

Matching Genres: Electro Pop, Synthwave, Synth Pop, Hard Techno, Experimental Electronic.

7. Rezek Studio

Think divas and silk. Ariel Rezek established Rezek Studio in 2018 in LA. The designer recounts that the idea for her fashion brand came after years of designing her own clothes, usually a spin off vintage pieces, and getting heavily complimented for it. But as vintage pieces often sport the wrong color or poor fit, Ariel took the solution into her own hands, and now we have Rezek Studio.

Matching Genres: R&B, Soul, Latin, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Jazz Fusion.

6. Ahluwalia

Think earth power meets luxury. Finally a fashion brand creating something tasteful for men as well! We realize it is easier to market to women as they are already pre-programmed to perpetually change their wardrobe so the investment is safer, but we’re sure the guys with a sense of fashion like elevating their wardrobe just as much. Launched in 2018 by Priya Ahluwalia, the brand states that it combines influences from the designer’s Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots.

Matching Genres: Folk, Americana, Indie Folk, Pop Folk, Country, Neo-Folk, Folk Rock.

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