FRIENDS by Canyon, When A Rap Artist Can Pen Commercial Masterpieces

If you could combine the aloofness of New York City with the hot vibes you get in Cali, that’s the long-story-short version of FRIENDS by Canyon. The artist shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “The song is primarily based on my very fun relationship with my girlfriend. Think of the simple activities that render a relationship dynamic, such as when she kicks my ass in Mario Kart as I allude on the song. Secondarily, it draws inspiration from a twist on the words of War’s song Why Can’t We Be Friends. Accordingly, FRIENDS is meant to have a playful but also a dark, tongue and cheek theme to it. When consumed with the two other surrounding songs, its context becomes very clear.

He’s not lying either. FRIENDS charms the public with its threateningly catchy core motif, Rap-like bars, and high-quality production masked under lo-fi tints.

The ’80s thump resounding a bit shy a bit classy, welds a melancholic vibe with a disco base and the public is anxious for the unravelment. In a dreamy delivery, Canyon’s voice sing-asks why can’t we be friends? As the artist commences the verse, the melody reveals its roots: monochromatic synths with a cool groove underneath. When coupled with the lead vocal track, the effect is that of a modern-day ballad. Sure, we don’t hear the likes of Celine Dion or Jennifer Hudson on the radio or on top streamed editorial playlists BUT we have a heap of à la Weeknd’s dramatic Dance tracks. Is FRIENDS one? Let’s find out.

I like you, you-you know you know, you-you no pretend, woah/ You more than my girl you really, really are my friend, woah/ I knew all my means would go to justify the ends, woah/ Roll a smoke, a fatty while you beat me on Nintendo sing-talk Canyon. This chilled-back mannerism is peculiarly interesting for the artist presents himself as a Rap artist in his attire, gestures, lyrics, but the song itself is heavily melodic and much more of an Indie bop than we would possibly consider it a Rap piece. If Canyon wants to birth a new genre, we’re here for it. PS: out of sheer curiosity we checked more of the artist’s releases and he IS indeed a rapper as well.

Abiding by the precedently laid-out pattern, Canyon adds in his veritable-yet-casual swagger: I really like your vibe, I’m tryin’ to ride right side your tempo/ Chillin’, laid back, like this f*ckin’ instrumental/ If you get a migraine know I’m there to rub your temples/ Loyalty like oil in the sense that it’s essential. Oh wow! Now that’s a clear picture smelling of oriental spices, covered in dark red semi-transparent curtains with golden-framed furniture. The punchline was most definitely appreciated to be clear.

Now at this very moment, Canyon introduces a secondary hook to the listener. One that’s as genius as it is simple: Ride around my mind, mind, ay-ay-ay. After several repeats of this one sentence, the singer curtly mentions Why can’t we be friends? and slides smoothly into the second verse which is a knockout earworm. Why? Because it turns out it’s verse one repeated. However, we didn’t get tired or bored of the twice-delivered 8-bar. It’s a hit song waiting to happen and Canyon proved he can write radio-ready masterpieces besides his older catalog of mainly Rap releases.

Song Credits: Todd Levy (Canyon) – Artist, Songwriter; Carlos Evans (Fantom) – Music Producer; Spencer Dennis – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Canyon by streaming FRIENDS on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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