Good Friends and Good Times by Beau Lucas, Folk Rock That Elevates Your Hopes

In times like this, someone singing about the upside of life is pretty damn near unheard of. Also because Gen Z, for one reason or another, went deep with the depressing songs so now it feels like humanity needs to stop self-pitying and move on to looking onward with a lot more optimism. An exponent of such attitude is Beau Lucas from St. Petersburg, Florida. The songwriter shares exclusively the following with Blue Rhymez Entertainment regarding his newest single, Good Friends and Good Times: “This song is very personal to me. I spend a lot of great times swimming and playing in the rivers of North Carolina. It’s perfect for bonding with humankind, nature, and most importantly, with the love of my life, my Bulldog Skeeter! There is a small waterfall that we enjoy and I love to fish and catch trout, which I do all the time. Let me add the incredible views of the mountains from the river and you get a mesmerizing experience for the eyes and for the soul.

The lively and profoundly organic-sounding Folk-Rock release would be considered an acoustic triumph in any artist’s catalog. Good Friends and Good Times reveals itself to be an instrument of projecting happiness onto the audience subsequently cementing the name of Beau Lucas in the mind of the listener.

If you could imagine Bob Ross being a singer, THIS is EXACTLY what he’d say: Let’s make our way to the waterfall/ The smell of pine and evergreen in the air/ Rusty’s tired and hungover/ But he doesn’t care/ Let’s wash our sins in the water and then our hair. Beau Lucas’ voice is just as calming as the painter’s with luckily, a heavier dose of happiness at the base.

The spaced-out instruments beautifully set up the stage for the earworm: Good friends and good times mean so much/ Small moments of love with you/ We’ll conquer the world together/ And never outgrow our youth. The appropriate tone, the illuminating guitar, the earnest lyrics, draw the public closer and closer until you’re part of the setting yourself.

We bury each other in the sand/ Then build a big mud castle with our hands/ We just have carrots and chips/ But it’s all good/ We’d stay out here all night if we could, warmly delivers the second verse Beau Lucas. The drums are nicely protruding from the sides to the forefront augmenting the instrumentation richness and splendor.

As soon as verse 2 reaches the hook, a peculiarity crystallizes itself to the listener: the song format is uncommon and it follows a dual pattern of a 4-bar verse plus a 4-bar hook over and over until we get a total of 4 verses and 5 hooks. The marvelous detail is in Beau Lucas pulling it off without driving the listener into a rut. The cascading melody (it must be the waterfall he was speaking about in the beginning that inspired the man to write this way) acts as a comforting blanket of sounds and familiar words that snuggly wrap up your inner child and spoonfeed it with love and attention.

In the last verse, the singer highlights how bountiful life truly is if you just take notice of the things you’re provided with on a regular basis: Gods’ nectar splashes on our heads/ We’re getting massive doses of daily bread/ These memories right now will forever last/ This hiking adventure beyond the grass. We’re pretty sure the grass in this case was the Earth and the beyond – the afterlife. Whether a Christian or not, one can most decidedly appreciate the infusion of existential matters into the Folk-Rock creation. We’re used to it in Gospel tracks but not as much in Rock-derived genres.

Good Friends and Good Times ends on never outgrowing the youth bit. Written and produced in a breezy manner, the record captivates three-fold: your ears listen to the organic Folk-Rock composition, your eyes see the portrait-worthy landscape, and your heart feels the love the singer has for the act of living itself. We’re fans.

Song Credits: Beau Lucas – Singer, Lyricist, Composer; John Ward – Music Producer, Audio, Vocal, Recording Engineer, Instrumentalist.

Make sure you support Beau Lucas by streaming Good Friends and Good Times on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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