Fireplace by Whitney McClain, Reminiscing Holidays For The Winter Lovers

Re-released as part of the dashing Whitney’s Favorites EP, Fireplace will have you watching Polar Express in the middle of May 2022. The singer, Whitney McClain shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “When I originally heard the instrumental it immediately gave me warm, soulful vibes. Very much like a Fireplace thus the title. I and the other writers of the record were bouncing ideas off each other and came up with the concept of making this song about jumping into a relationship and taking the chance of being heartbroken. Emphasis on the vocals was important for me as well.

Fireplace is the convivial approach to Christmas year-round from an exquisitely soulful voice, that of Whitney McClain from Salem, Oregon. Of an R&B production exceeding modern standards and heavily hinting at the 2010s style, when layered vocals were the IT thing, the single mesmerizes and serves emotions on a sonic platter of delicious technical intricacies.

People won’t be quiet/ If I’m loving, you (yeah)/ I’ve been single for one night/ It’s too soon for a rendezvous (yeah), glide in the first sung words by the artist. In just 4 lines the songstress already made efficient use of fun lyrics and majestically arranged vocalizations. Eesh! We haven’t been treated to such a nice orchestration and perfect mix between vocals-music-lyrics since B’Day.

The lush, warm, yet solid timbre goes on to add: If loving, you’s a crime now/ Then lock me, lock me, lock me/ And throw away the key/ Cause I don’t wanna leave (no-ooo). It is most unusual to indulge in so many supporting, harmonizing vocal tracks. The sweet piano dances with the much more imposing drum and together show the way for the development of Fireplace.

The chorus packs a tremendous deal of catchy elements and our favorite, the flirty, playful last line of it: We’re sitting by the fireplace/ Boy I need a love that burns like these flames/ But I ain’t got no time for no heartbreak/ But maybe it’s a risk I should take. With the arrival of the chorus, in retrospect, the verses are just as neatly arranged and concocted. Fireplace is not a song determined by its hook but rather by the entirety of its primary elements.

The second verse is sister to the first and marvelously handles the transition to the hook as per the pattern set initially. The distraction in instrumentation happens on the bridge section: We don’t need no mistletoe for no kisses/ Baby you the gift we don’t have to wait till Christmas/ We can make this real if we check it off our wish list/ Now we on the edge of this love/ Do you want to jump?/ Baby we can both fall deep. Whitney McClain conflates the Christmasy bells, high pitch – low pitch harmonies, and a spicier delivery reminding us it’s a song made in the 2020s.

As it nears its end, one thing is undeniable: Whitney McClain is a memorable voice with a striking vocal control capable of recounting sentimental stories with a dash of flirtatious tone.

Song Credits: Whitney McClain – Singer, Songwriter; Ralph B Stacy – Vocal Producer; Kevin KD Davis – Mixing Engineer; Additional credits: Marlon L. McClain ll,  David Larkins ll, Myles Shane Pringle Brown,  Obi Ebele, Uche Ebele.

Make sure you support Whitney McClain by streaming Whitney’s Favorites on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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