Ape Sh*t by GEEK, A Granite Rap Banger From LA, Cali

Very few songs succeed in making the audience feel part of the recording process. And today’s our lucky day because Ape Sh*t by GEEK is an entertaining balance of prime factors: harmless, humoristic lyrics, indifferent attitude, genuine coolness, and a neat modern Rap production style. Ozzy Beats, the producer, recounts exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I like to make sure that my partner artist, GEEK, has plenty of options when it comes to choosing the beat for his next song. As I was sending him various instrumentals, this was one that the artist decided to keep the original title I had opted for, Ape Sh*t. He completed the picture with something along the lines of “I’ll just go ape sh*t on this track and spaz!” which I immediately loved. And he executed his part perfectly going for the aggressive yet playful vibe I had incorporated in the music.

The first bell which sounds airy and fun soon turns taunting and leans towards grimy vibes. The contrasting evoked feeling by this one instrument is amped up by the arising FX obviously leading the listener into the beat drop: She got booty by the bundle ass drop like a fumble/ B*tch I’m in the jungles like an ape causing trouble/ All I do is hustle till I start seeing double/ Came up out the bottom fresh up out of the rubble. Now THAT is a skilled songwriter. Most Rap artists miss the mark when it comes to penning catchy hooks for their songs and often employ third parties to do the part. GEEK, however, understood the assignment. Although very much relying on a Rap base, the hook is melodic and irrefutably catchy when GEEK decides to elongate the last word of each bar. The second part of the hook redoubles the artist’s efforts and solidly follows the catchy idea set out in part 1.

See the truth is I’m useless if I ain’t where that booth is/ I’m locked in its hotboxed so often I get lost in/ These situations that come in hand/ Mothaf*ckas don’t understand/ How I came up in this b*tch and left this b*tch smelling like contraband, raps GEEK thus commencing the first verse. The rapper abides by a loopy flow, meaning it targeted the words that have the accent falling on the letter O and A and plays with it perpetually. The resulting effect? Entertaining as hell.

The monochromatic baseline of the instrumental helps out with highlighting the rapper’s ability to command and control the speed of the song through his delivery, wording, and flow. The mix and master are spotless and to be used in online audio engineering classes that are usually subpar and 10 years behind the current market standard. Ozzy Beats and Mark Valenzuela (sound engineer) maybe get together and school DIY producers and engineers how to pull off a Rap song properly?

Before we talk about the best parts of verse 2, verse 1 becomes REALLY fun when GEEK goes borderline psycho admitting to some impressive emotional manipulation in the following bars: Damn dog I’m confused with you/ What you thought I wasn’t gon be able to do what you do?/ You really thought I wouldn’t be able to stare at your boo?/ And tell her I love straight in her eyes just like you?

The second verse makes full use of that self-awareness trait we mentioned in the opening that draws the audience in: The second verse gets a little more worse if you ever brought out the worst of me/ This ain’t rehearsed I’m just well versed and I do rely on certainty/ I may be cursed but I’m down to earth so ain’t no evil hurtin’ me/ But I can be a jerk, put this evil to work, if you out here hatin me purposely. Acknowledging this is the second verse shifts the song from being a product presented to the audience to a process that involves the listener in its creation. Neat sh*t indeed.

The most offensive GEEK gets on Ape Sh*t is right before verse 2 ends as the rapper allows himself to indulge in direct insults and belittling comparisons delivered with big-ego flair: Spit yo sh*t like you stupid fly/ I’ll make you look like a stupid guy/ You dumb Mcfly is your zipper down/ Get slapped for that you gullible/ You dumb as f*ck she took half yo sh*t/ You always talkin’ like you love a h*e. Mission accomplished, ape sh*t mode enabled.

Ape Sh*t is a phenomenally produced Rap record that makes it extremely easy for the listener to enjoy every single second of it while igniting the spirit of imagination in their mind. It’s a party with a touch of debauchery, it’s flexing with hints of real-life pragmatism, and it’s banger music with all the right things in the right places.

Song Credits: Joshua Herrera (GEEK) – Artist, Songwriter, Recording Engineer; Orson Chaplin (Ozzy Beats) – Music Producer, Composer; Mark Valenzuela – Vocal, Mixing, Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support Ozzy Beats and GEEK by streaming Ape Sh*t on Tidal HERE, Apple Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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