Nevermore by Emanuel Benjamin, An Enigmatic Luxurious Rap Record

From Columbus, Ohio, Emanuel Benjamin created a brilliant Rap record that establishes the artist’s passion for the significant matters in life: “I wrote the song to remind myself and others that there has to be a positive to this negative and it isn’t money. Yet money is still needed to live and achieve your goals. Appreciate what money can do but never respect what money can do.” So, for the artist, as per his exclusive recount for Blue Rhymez Entertainment, appreciating is vastly different than respect which should only be earned by humans and not materialistic pursuits.

The song in question is named Nevermore and it actively pursues heavy topics on a mightily classic instrumental with tinges of old-school Hip Hop renditions.

The commencing notes of the classic piano immediately followed by the equally vintage hi-hat combination, take shape of a promising song in authentic artist manner. Emanuel Benjamin has a track record of going for substantial narratives and this time we expect no different.

The introductory speech from the rapper presents us with a fundamental anchor for the song’s mood: Said it before/ 2020 vision I see everything clear now/ Won some lost some over the years/ Just trying something new/ Seeing how it work out/ Just trying something new to see how it turn out. Notice how calm the instrumental progresses along with the artist’s vocals. In its tranquility, it preserves an untouchable retro-ish hue that intrigues the mind and warms the soul.

614 gamed/ 419 raised/ So phrase your words correctly/ Because it sounds like you’re trying to disrespect me/ On the sly/ Leave a crash test dummy petrified/ Like a mummy/ Heard they were coming for me, raps Emanuel Benjamin in an obvious vein of confidence and adult knowledge of life. The rhymes are perfectly imperfect thus granting a highly organic quality to Nevermore. It is much easier to rhyme sky with high than sly with petrified. The slightly raspy timbre of the artist confers a cipher-like delivery to the lyrics. And we don’t mean a Rap cipher. We intend more of a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code puzzle. There are things to be heard and images to be seen with an artist like Emanuel Benjamin.

In the second part of verse 1 is where the listener is easily drawn into the vivid reality depicted by the artist in regards to his existential perspective:  Watching a documentary/ Called we’re not your n*****/ I mean n****/ The second coming of the Lord/ Sounds like a sequel/ Never equal/ Asymmetric/ Tilted scales/ To the black man here’s a message/ Don’t forget to count your blessings/ Investments of intelligence/ Applied sparingly/ Was it done out of love/ Or was it charity? We know. It’s not an easy subject, whether you’re black or white, one for being the victim and the other, unfortunately often, for being the much more privileged party. But it’s a necessary discussion as long as there are people still leading a different quality of life merely based on the color of their skin.

The chorus is an interesting reiteration of the intro but laid out in a catchy construct, I came through the door/ I said it before/ I’ll never let the money mesmerize me no more/ Won some lost some over the years/ 2020 vision/ I see everything clear now. The unexpected X factor is placing money under pressure as a tool of deception whereas 99% of rappers eulogize it.

The second verse might, and probably WILL, be deemed as controversial: Covid operation 19/ injecting fear into the masses/ Like heroin and coke into the bloodstream of a fiend/ Hood dreams turn to nightmares/ Sirens singing/ Bringing bad news/ What was the reason/ Side effects mood swings/ Move around/ That offer kinda sounds like a scheme. Well, if you don’t like it, too bad! Artists have the right to express unpopular opinions especially when they do so with a chill, high-class beat in the back and a poet-like format in the front. We like Emanuel Benjamin.

Nevermore dazzles via its magical instrumental transmitted in a most grown-up manner by the pulling together of various threads from real-life influences such as existentialism, materialism, racism, and introspection.

Song Credits: Emanuel Benjamin – Artist, Songwriter; Chris Lundquist – Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support Emanuel Benjamin by streaming Nevermore on Tidal HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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