June 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Hip Hop Radar

We’re extatic to introduce new music for you to explore and discover besides our Reviews and Interviews. As many of our readers love Rap and Hip Hop, we’ve compiled a special list of 10 hot new records that will fit right in with the rest of songs we’ve introduced you to thus far. Have fun with our June 2022 Top 10 Hip Hop Radar!

10. Final Stage by Precinct Phantom

While mainstream audiences are far from being used to Rap music coming from British English artists, some do impress more so than their American counterparts through their cadence, rhymes, style. Precinct Phantom has been releasing music relentlessly throughout the year and for his latest release, Final Stage, he went all in for a delivery very reminiscent of the late ’90s HipHop. Think of Boomfunk MC’s Freestyler. That dry, classic Hip Hop sound with the slow-down for highlighting the bars, the vintage bells, the Boom Bap-infused instrumentation, the monochromatic delivery of the artist, all come together to satisfy the needs of a picky Millennial or a young-ish Gen Xer. Stream on Spotify HERE.

9. Static (Now or Never) by Dinero Dollaz

Extremely catchy and fun to vibe to, Static (Now or Never) by Dinero Dollaz is that golden middle between modern Trap and refined Hip Hop. There is obvious post-processing on the vocals that hint of the mumble Rap era but simultaneously you can clearly make the distincion between the words, pick on the flow, enjoy the overall record without a frown on your face trying to make out what’s been said. Artists like Dinero Dollaz are the New Wave rappers who are gaining massive traction for their mix between old-school and new school sounds. Stream on Spotify HERE.

8. Split by Phenam

If there was a contest for most rhymes for the same sound, Phenam would be the winner. One of his latest releases named Split, is quite the Hip Hop tapestry to analyze and dissect. The beat is a hypnotic sequence pulling the listener closer and closer to the meaning of the words that the Rap artist is conveying thus hooking you without you even realizing it. If you enjoy the artsy songs of Jay Z that never made it into the mainstream charts but have bountifully satisfied his core fans, this is THE song for you. Stream on Spotify HERE.

7. Punchline by Kali Keef

If you’re in need of a light Rap song that still abides by the genre’s main pillars, this is it. Punchline is breezy, summerish, and to be consumed in the spirit of living in the moment. A very interesting feature is the suave instrumental serving as the basis for Kali Keef to display his narattive style. The guitar is as pristinely laid out as it’s usually done in R&B records à la Chris Brown. The flow is somewhat monotone but it meshes sublimely with the melodic mood of the song. Stream on Spotify HERE.

6. Devil In Disguise by Cele Cortez

Cele Cortez is a Melodic Rap artist who’s got it all. His release Devil In Disguise is a vicious relish of flirtatious lyrics amalgamated with melancholy and heart betrayals. The song is irremediably catchy thanks to both the Rap artists and the singer on the chorus section. Everyone enlivens the track with uncommon hit songwriting skills, pitch perfect sung motifs, and of course, Cele Cortez’s straightforward appeal to the female audience. Stream on Spotify HERE.

5. Stranger by KYD Works

More on the lo-fi end compared to 90% of his previous releases, KYD Works got in the zone and unleashed the philosopher inside on his newest release, Stranger. The song is elaborately framed to paint a scholarly picture of the old Hip Hop formula: imperfect vocal processing, intentionally flaring samples, curt ad-libs, lenghty back vocals, predictable cadence, slowed down delivery. Those who were lucky enough to catch the incipient wave of global Rap fandom, understand just why these ingredients are so precious. Stream on Spotify HERE.

4. You by jonnychang

jonnychang is a very remarkable artist who is creating a sort of illusionistic-experimental Rap while making use of crystal clear vocals and meaningful messagery. You can tell, by the video and sound, this is not the usual rapper trying to just get likes and views. This is the type of artist who seeks to be understood and associate with individuals who see beyond the surface. You, the second song off The Weather Inside EP, takes the role of an interlude being the shortest of the 5 songs but not without veiling the audience’s senses into Hip Hop art. Stream on Spotify HERE.

3. No friends by La from treemix ent

A piano humming minor chords and a Rap artist who understands today’s music tendencies. We’ve changed our taste in music as a society tremendously over the past decade and we favor simplistic records now. It all might be due to the crazy events happening outside of ourselves upon which we have no control and equally it might be because by mid 2010 too much was going on in hit records like Nicki Minaj’s Starships or any Flo Rida song.

No Friends is instrospective, sentimental, and abundant in real-life references that both men and women will relate to. The instrumentation is gorgeous and linear thus letting the artist shine and tell his story. Stream on Spotify HERE.

2. No Breaks by Savage The Poet

With a capricious flow, a dynamic delivery, and an irreproachable production, No Breaks by Savage The Poet is solitary in its Hip Hop excellence. The artist’s mannerism oozes the bonafide cool attitude of a star in-the-making. The confidence in his own talent and deliberate choice of words come across as an invitation to witness the bigger picture aka the rest of Savage The Poet’s catalog. The lyrics are phenomenal and pivot around making money and eulogizes the female hustler in the most badass possibile depiction on a Rap record. Stream on Spotify HERE.

1. Keep Glowing by Brown’s Organix Ft. One Reek

When you hear out Glowing there is no doubt to why it grabbed the top spot on our June Radar. The record feels alive and in the same space with the audience. It is more of a confession and sit-down with a good friend than it is a Hip Hop performance. Its base topic is black beauty and why it deserves to be appreciated. And not many songs succeed in upkeeping the attention of the listener start to end espcically if it’s not an upbeat record. Keep Glowing, however, knows when to pull back the music and push forward the vocals to make it all gleam under one unified final product. Stream on Spotify HERE.

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