7 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think As A Musician

It is easy to get caught up in all the shouldn’ts and mustn’ts and forget just how much of yourself you’re giving to your music aspirations. And all the self-claimed gurus popping up on your Facebook timeline, sure don’t help. You’re in luck today though! You’re going to be reminded of just how well you’re doing via the following list. The 7 signs we’ve compiled below, are positive indicators of a music artist being on the right path and honestly, we couldn’t be more proud of you if you find yourself within this article ❤

7. You have a marketing plan for every release.

It doesn’t matter if you’re able of putting in a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars. What makes the difference is approaching your music career as a fisherman would think of selling his tuna. You package your product, you find your market, and you put yourself out there keeping track of who actually buys your “fish” and who doesn’t. It’s the artist who is very analytical of his progress that makes any progress.

6. You trust your intuition but also ask others for professional input.

Because smart people know they can’t know everything. If you have the intelligence and humility to ask others for feedback, you are doing so much better than you think. It is only with unbiased, constructive criticism that companies and artists elevate their brands. Sure, you have to know WHO to ask for feedback, but you’ll know who’s the right person to go to when you come across them. You just have to keep asking.

5. A bad comment or two does nothing to your self-esteem.

Actually, you’re so unphased by hateful comments and trolls, that you let them be and don’t even bother blocking them. You have more important things to focus on, such as marketing, branding, songwriting, and networking. Who cares if some unknown user has something negative to say about your music? Or your looks? We’re all disliked by somebody sooner or later. This attitude will place you in the ranks of the legends.

4. You give credit where credit is due.

Because you understand the importance of acknowledging the work of other people as much as it is speaking of your own efforts. If you often give out credit to those who’ve helped along the way, you’re also very probably, a likable person who people enjoy reaching out to. A well-behaved artist will go further than a talented artist with no manners.

3. You always seek to be a better artist.

Whether you write for others or just for yourself, being essentially obsessed with improving one’s craft, is the mark of the greatest. Lazy artists might get lucky but they’ll never attain reliable consistency. Their ghostwriters might get sick tomorrow and disappear for a long time. Sometimes natural disasters happen too. Other times, there happen to be drunk drivers ending lives that thought had all the time in the world to do what they wanted to. This is the REALITY of life. And because of it, because of the extremely short time we’re given to work with, you MUST continuously want to improve. If you do, we would like to submit an application to be friends with you. You are RARE.

2. You don’t hold grudges.

Because you don’t have time or mental space for it. Someone who is obsessed with making his/her dreams happen, KNOWS that negative emotions are a huge dealbreaker and hold you back from being your best, strongest self. Becoming a successful musician (might as well say entrepreneur in this day and age) very much means becoming a well-rounded individual who doesn’t fret over little sh*t and lets the big sh*t go.

1. You are happy a lot more than the times you are sad.

Why this matters? Because your mood pilot is crucial in predetermining your success in whatever field you pick. Therefore, if your default mood is anxious, you will not be able to see all opportunities there are to advance as a musician in the desired direction. Whereas if you’re an optimistic person by nature, you will have a much easier time getting over the bumps in the road and the nos you will hear. This is quite literally the definition of persistence and persistence creates a favorable ground for major breakthroughs. If you’re battling with depression or anxious tendencies, seek professional help and simultaneously, work on finding the upside in everything and everyone around you.

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