Easy Way by N8, A Fun Country Piece Like You Haven’t Heard In Decades

From Boston, Massachusetts, US, we are provided today with one unusually fun Country song titled Easy Way. N8 (the stage moniker of Nathaniel Staub) is starkly perceptive and self-aware of what he’s created, “Easy Way is a character song. I now know when I got one of these on my hands and I try to lean in and ham it up as much as possible. I wanted to create a tongue-in-cheek, old-style Country song. Kind of poking fun at the genre the way the Stones do it on Dead Flowers. This track is the first off the New Day EP and it’s someone telling you exactly who they are and they are being pretty open about stuff that you might not lead off with normally. I do find confidence in this character’s voice and am always surprised by what he can say and what he can get away with. I was happy that the production complemented the mood and spirit so well. It kinda sounds like it’s stuck in glue and I really like that.

Prompted by the cool indifference, ironic guitar, and live-like acoustic rendition, Easy Way handles the ropes of a classic Country record with facility and indispensable humor.

With that first strum, you could damn near feel the wind on your face while the brown wooden door of some dilapidated tavern is being sprung open by a clumsy visitor. These are my bones/ You’ve got you’re own/ Please don’t let me catch you crying/ You came in through the door/ And now you dancing on the floor/ If you wanna drink with me – you’ll be buying, sings the half-assured, half-ironical voice while pushing the audience in the middle of the narrative with no warning or permission. In few moments we went from not knowing what the song is about to being told, in a rather impressive way, that one has to pay up for the company of the main character.

What you’ll soon observe is how the singer rides the waves instigated by the music and dives into the hook without much ado: I’m not easy but I like an easy way to go/ You can please me it’s all around but we can’t let it show. The vocal timbre and delivery feel a tad anecdotal and a tad intentional. Someone’s having fun and he knows it! 😀

The second verse follows a fine, instruments-only portion of Easy Way. This vocally stripped bit acts like a post-hook to each of the 3 verses presented to us by the songwriter. Listen to the Rolling Stones/ I can hear you moan/ We’re driving now but soon we’ll be flying/ You’re dressed up like a wh*re/ You must wanna score/ You’re always at your best when you’re not trying, sings while verbally flaming his supposed love interest the artist. In all fairness, it doesn’t sound much like love. The narrative, if anything, borders one-night stands, cigars, and high-quality whiskey.

My ticket is one way/ My train leaves today/ And if my train don’t come I’ll be walking/ My shadows growing long/ I’m winding down the song/ And when I sing my guitar does the talking, we’re all singing along by now because let’s admit it, this song is ridiculously easy and fun to follow. N8, your name sounds more like a rapper but your pen game is most definitely in the ranks of radio classics.

The outro is an unexpected yet satisfying repetition of the title, Easy Way. It goes on until the man sings to go, and we’ve reached the end of the perfect song to start summer 2022 with.

A song that exhibits creative freedom, an instrumental that sounds fearlessly tranquil, and aloof lyrics that are brilliantly lit up by the equally flippant voice, Easy Way doesn’t need a repeat play to convince you. You like it before you even realize it.

Song Credits: Nathaniel Staub (N8) – Music Producer, Songwriter, Pianist; Jaime Pepper – Bassist, Vocalist; Garret Cameron- Drum Player; Rory Hurley – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support N8 by streaming Easy Way on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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