June 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Indie Pop Radar

Our first Radar was dedicated to Hip Hop and it was quite a success with you, our readers! And knowing your preferences sure helps. As per demand, today we’re introducing you to 10 delightful Indie Pop records that will elevate your music taste for June 2022. Brilliantly produced, lyrically substantial, and shockingly original, the following 10 songs deserve a place in your personal playlist.

10. Didn’t Happen by townsend

Starting off on tranquil vibes and introspection is townsend with Didn’t Happen. The ballad-like Indie Pop single reverberates pleasant to the ear and close to the heart for its romantic-yet-relatable lyrics, paired with the easily raspy voice of the singer, comprise a combo worth diving in. Yeah I say it’s not the truth/ But ever since I fell for you/ Nothing gets me high quite like it used to/ ‘Cause you were like a perfect drug/ Felt so good that I forgot what/ Goes up could come down crashing/ Almost wish it didn’t happen, goes the perfect sticky chorus of Didn’t Happen.

Perfect for: understanding you’re not alone having a hard time moving past your breakup.

9. Normal by ADDY

Were you missing the likes of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz? Acoustically, we too. ADDY from Norway came up with quite the wondrous track named Normal. The song is of genuine Indie quality with a significance heightened by some rather eccentric lyrics, You say that I’m broken/ You say that I’m a hot mess/ And maybe I’m normal/ I think I’m normal/ You claim that I’m done/ You think that I should say less/ I think I’m normal/ Maybe I’m normal. The emotional openness of the artist renders Normal a highly relatable, comforting, and confidence-boosting gem.

Perfect for: days when you need a reminder you’re actually normal and probably dealing with a narcissist.

8. Beverly Hills by FRITH

You ever stumbled across someone so happy they seem damn near psychotic? This is pretty much Beverly Hills by FRITH in a nutshell. While the music is breezy, summerish, and smelling like suntan lotions, the lyrics are stratified and essential to conferring depth to the apparently jovial record. Sparkle/ Lip gloss/ I floss/ Everybody’s going to want me/ Want me/ Want me/ Want me is one instance where that happiness turns into a hypnosis session. If a music video is ever in discussion, there should be a knife and a clown somewhere lurking in the background ready to flip the narrative on its head in some dark plot twist in the end. Fabulous!

Perfect for: sobering up from a rough night out and trying to make peace with the duality residing within you.

7. run by Randy Beth

A vocal warmth that sucks you in and doesn’t let go, that’s the power of Randy Beth. run, an Indie Pop release bordering R&B mixed with the ’90s ballads, resounds with fierce, calm energy. Yup, you get the best of both worlds in one song. The vocal layerings, the astounding vibrato control, and the very visual lyrics, all work together for a dramatic, larger-than-life effect. Take these for example, The house we built together from the dirt to keep us safe/ Now the home that swallows me up like a tidal wave/ The gentle dance between us with our mouths all wired shut/ Spitting water out, my face is turning blue.

Perfect for: the moments you just want to be alone and secretly peek into your past and feel gratitude for the hardships behind you as you understand they too, are a gift.

6. Live Again by Jane’s Party

Someone got REALLY creative with the lyric video and the Call To Action at the end in the form of a ransom 😀 The song itself, Live Again, is a remarkable sonic adventure taking the audience from an ’80s beginning and very curious circumstances (Then comes a mean with a cigarette/ He got the lily-white tie/ Yea he’s the one but you don’t know it yet/ You keep on asking him “why?”), to a full-blown life advice segment laid on exulting instrumentation (So if you wanna get a little bit closer/ You’re gonna have to try/ And if you’re gonna be the one left standing/ You gotta learn to live again).

Perfect for: picking yourself up after having been unproductive and swimming in self-pity.

5. That’s You by Falcon Butler

You always wear a big smile on your face/ You’re shining bright/ Your light has power to brighten my day/ You’re shining bright, gives you Falcon Butler a clear idea from the get-go of That’s You. The guitar takes the center place of this Indie Pop marvel and dazzles with its simplicity while augmenting the summer feel of the rendition. With a chorus that even says la-la-la-la, this just might be the lightest song of all on the list.

Perfect for: late mornings with a strong coffee and bright sunrays in your bedroom.

4. Psycho Ex-Boyfriend by Joonas

Theatrical, mysterious, fun, exhilarating, ridiculously unique, and just a 10/10 Indie Pop song – that’s Psycho Ex-Boyfriend by Joonas. The singer imbues the record with the special quality of the classic performer who is there to entertain and exaggerate. The song is phenomenal, but so is the charm of the artist. The two build upon each other gracefully resulting in a memorable summer track. And the pandemic from the last 2 years seems to have prompted multiple singers on this list to embrace their inner demented side, I’ll be your second-place obsession/ I’ll be the villain in our scene/ So take your time with your confession/ Let’s play your game and then come clean.

Perfect for: the moment you’re about to snap, always in style, if someone keeps pushing your buttons.

3. B*tch by daddi

Now this… This Indie Pop masterpiece is a brilliant rascal that intensively charms the listener through its pristine production, mix of genres, shocking lyrics, and stupendous voice. daddi is someone we’re hearing of for the first time but we sure hope it is just the beginning for the artist is promising and austere in her delivery. Your biggest regret is something you’ve already done/…/ Was she better than me?/ …/ So this is the last thing I say to you/ You’re the reason I’m a b*tch/ And jealous and crazy and petty – just some of the phenomenal wording of B*tch.

Perfect for: accepting your ex traumatized the sh*t outta you and you gotta let him go ’cause his ass is more toxic than hazardous waste.

2. Penny by Vin Mariani

Did someone say organic music and retro-stylized vocals? Because boy oh boy, Penny by Vin Mariani is all you could ask for and MORE from June 2022. A bit of groove, a dash of funk, and those soulful hums – an absolute checkmate move. The cliché they just don’t make ’em like that anymore, absolutely f*cking applies. Threw my penny in the water, then I made my moooove… If there are Gen Z readers, please pick THIS type of music to reinstate in trends besides the reformatted 2000s fashion which y’all love so much.

Perfect for: an expensive outfit and Italian food.

1. dark tree by godz

godz have this most debonair delivery on their release dark tree. The Indie Pop song restrains some really dark emotions to a merry instrumental and dreamy vocals, I’ll talk to you when I/ Find the strength to die/ You know how to cut at me/ I lost the words to use/ Brain damage from the booze/ Was better than the, cacophony. Tense in wording, light in singing, vintage in instrumentation, dark tree brings the perfect storm to the listener who is bored with plain meanings and direct implications.

Perfect for: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship soundtrack.

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