Never Stop Dreaming by Simone Eversdijk, Existential Advice On Commercial Euro-Pop Tunes

From Zevenbergen, Netherlands, Simone Eversdijk brings us today a vigorous Pop release meant to place a spiritual message on a most commercial format, and might we add, she does so brilliantly. “After struggling with illness for many years, I wanted to share my story and my message of just pushing forward. Keep going, keep your head up, and keep believing in yourself. One must enjoy living even if it’s just little moments. Sharing my positive outlook on life with my listeners is part of my artistic core and personal mindset. You can truly achieve all you want if you do everything within your power to make your dreams become your reality,” shares the singer exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Never Stop Dreaming, while self-explanatory in title, comes to signify a lot more to the audience than you might initially assume when thinking of Pop and Positive Attitude.

You can always amaze yourself noticing just how intricate and emotional instruments sound based on the note progression they follow. In Never Stop Dreaming, the piano supported by the airy bells confers a sentimental yet somewhat cautious mood before any words are even sung.

Live the life you love/ Oh come on let’s sing it/ Life is a game so take it and win it/ Live the life you love/ Never stop dreaming/ Just keep believing/ Live the life you love, introduces herself Simone Eversdijk. With that last dip in pitch during the word love, the artist establishes early on the impression of years-long vocal experience. The suave yet grandiose timbre of the songstress reinforces the lyrical message in the acoustic plane.

Life is a game from the moment you were born/ Just keep believing keep you’re head up and stay strong/ Never stop dreaming and the goals will find you/ Come on and go for it and make your dreams come true, follows verse one of Never Stop Dreaming. The violins are a new, fresh, spicy addition to the flawless mix of the beat. These bouncy strums bridle the vibe to a more somber tone during the verse as presumably the songstress wants us, the audience, to pay close attention to the message transmitted.

After another powerfully resounding hook, verse two comes along: Reach out a hand to the people in your life/ Just trust your feelings ’cause life is a surprise/ Never stop dreaming and the goals will find you/ Come on and go for it and make yours dreams come true. The slight variation employed only in the first two lines is very specific of Euro-Pop music. The American counterparts tend to pack a lot more lyrics and sometimes even change the chorus wording itself. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily. We can show you millions of fans of Lady Gaga as we can show you millions of fans of ABBA.

The bridge is another austere motif and for good reason. It touches on subjects like the Power above, existentialism, and possibly the after-life: Just live the life you love/ Know that some beauty can be sent from above/ Go find your rainbow in the sky/ Never stop dreaming and you will fly.

Never Stop Dreaming is a breezy, perfectly sweet, Euro-Pop piece created to lift your spirits on jovial music. Simone Eversdijk proved that empirical meanings need not be weighed further down by gravitas-filled music but rather must be presented to the audience in light tones and cheerful vocalizations.

Song Credits: Simone Eversdijk – Artist, Songwriter; F. van Nispen – Songwriter, Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Simone Eversdijk by streaming Never Stop Dreaming on YouTube Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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