7 Fun Things To Try This Summer As A Music Artist

Your life is unique because your calling is unique. You are a whole music artist and your leisure time should reflect that originality! We’ve compiled an exhilarating list of fun activities for you to engage in this summer and consequentially, evolve as a musician and human being. Have fun, create memories, and most important of all, be in the moment!

7. Travel To A New City And Link Up With Other Artists.

Did you know our human brain will only retain as memory things and places it’s not familiar with? So if you always pick the same train at the same station, only the first times you did that actually went into the memory archive. All the other times – rinse, repeat. Much like a computer, our brain has a priority disk upon which it burns the new experiences to create a sort of road map/ algorithm for perceiving the world around it. So get out of your routine, travel even if it’s only the closest city to you, and check out any available festivals, shows, or concerts, and link up with new artists. You’ll be getting double the benefit: new memories and new connections in the business.

6. Try Street Performing.

Because what better way to get over stage fright than just performing your own songs in front of total strangers with a less than perfect sound gear? Let’s face it, even the best monitors sound like sh*t when you take them outside. So perform. And do it with all of your might. See how people react. See if your music moves anybody. See if maybe someone pulls out their phone to record you. As a musician, you truly are in charge of the miracles happening to you, and more often than not, they need a catalyst. They need you to take action.

5. Break Into Singing Or Rapping Randomly.

Get comfortable with performing anytime, anywhere, including while playing a Poker game on a Friday night. Instead of quoting or saying “hey you know that new song on TikTok?” start singing said song. You will very seriously enhance your pitch and also get over the sound of your own voice. A shocking amount of artists hate the sound of their own voice but never do anything to fix it. Well, this is your solution.

4. Listen To An Album You Never Paid Attention To While In A Place You’ve Never Been In Before.

Say you’re a big Jazz music fan and that’s the only thing you claim to enjoy. Cool, we get it. Plus you, Jazz fans, tend to look down on the electronic genres as they don’t involve all the instrumentation Jazz does. And that’s cool because to each their own. But you might be shocked at how your brain will take notes and pay attention to the particularities of new music. Go to a place you’ve never been to, be it a coffee shop or an entirely new country, pick up an album you otherwise would never consider, and vibe the two out. Allow yourself the experience of the unknown. You will be a better artist and human being thanks to it.

3. Pick Up A Physical Skill That Will Help With Your Music Career.

What do you mean by that?” you might be wondering. Very many things, thanks for asking. You ever thought of how legendary dancers like Beyoncè, Janette Jackson, and Ciara keep blowing our minds away with devastatingly complex choreos that put a 20-year-old to shame? They work for it. They literally work out their bodies all the time. You lose what you don’t use so use those knees if you dream of doing the Rockstar slide on stage. Pump up those arms if you know you gotta carry some heavy gear around. Work on your flexibility if you would like to include acrobatic elements in your shows. If you’re not sure about what exactly you would like to ace to be a better performer, think of your favorite concerts ever and get inspired from there. Musicians over the history of recorded music have done a TON of mesmerizing stunts and pulled off unearthly performances. Have the same standards of yourself and start working today for it.

2. Send Fan Mail.

Because staying a fan of other musicians will work some magic into your own creations. Never assume you’ve reached your peak because in reality no one ever does. We have to perpetually strive for more, better, stronger. So find out the P.O. box address of your favorite act, band, or instrumentalist, and pen a letter about how much they influenced you and why you still admire them. Many of the musicians you used to look up to as a child are now fading into obscurity because that’s the cycle of life. You just might make someone’s day, or even year, a whole lot better and be rewarded for it. So go ahead and be a fan!

1. Use Your Surroundings For An Organic Music Video.

No need to wait for a big-budget opportunity to create good visuals. A nice tripod and decent phone will work just as well. Don’t just keep the beauty of your surroundings to yourself. Share them while also showcasing your art. That’s double the value in our book. Giving people something to see, other than your same face all the time, while enjoying good music, is a gift to everyone tuning into your art.

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