July 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Hip Hop Radar

Are you READY for another batch of incredibly inspirational and moving Hip Hop bangers? Whether you’re into uptempo records or vibey moods, our compilation of the following 10 Hip Hop gems will make a great companion for your late summer evenings. Yup, for some reason these masterpieces are a better fit for night time than for mornings. Actually, the reason is that the grit and rawness applied by the 10 different Indie Rap artists matches the starry sky in all its splendor. Let’s dive in, shall we?

10. The One by Jordan Baumstark

You never know what the kid is ever up to/ But they couldn’t even touch me if they want to/ Yeah a lot of people talking, what they gon’ do?/ You can’t rap and your dirty b*tches run through, raps with chilling debonair the Rap artist. This juxtaposition between the tenor voice and savage bars comprise the juice of The One. Relatively catchy but definitely intriguing, the song is perfect for embracing the underdog energy.

9. Head Over Feet by Chazei

If you were searching for some of that old-school flavor in your life, you’ve found it! Head Over Feet crystallizes that jovial disposition from the ’80s and ’90s Hip Hop but grants it to the audience in an uber-modern production veil. While we can’t directly quote the lyrics as they are not currently displayed in any official source, you should take a closer look and you’ll find a bodega, fruits, heads, and duh, feet! The song is highly entertaining and perfect for the after-party of the 4th of July. Granted that there are no kids in sight!


That new Rap wave that merges the unadorned nature of life with some really cool-sounding vocals that border sing-Rapping, is all flagrant and in your face on MOPHEAD TBC’s newest release, WRONGZ. I’ve been fighting with myself so long/ Everything I do, I feel like it’s so right so wrong/ I’ve been tripping every day so Imma write these songs No/ There’s nothing I can do so I can’t right my wrongz, raps in a highly melodic manner the artist and we are becoming fans by the second!

7. Revolver by Kouba

UK has been birthing some unbelievably talented Rap artists lately! Kouba’s latest single, Revolver, floats heavily in the intersection between Old School Boom Bap instrumentation and New Age bar scheming and monochromatic flow. It’s truly a unique creation on this list. Pay attention to our favorite lyrics from the song for example! Took the mantle on a cheeky one/ Bit the apple on an evening sun/ To all my would-be colonizers who ostracise and divide us/ The prophets’ time is arriving/ The comets flying on horizons. Woosh! The power!

6. Modern Goodbyes (Bestie) by Chronicle

We all know that one artist in his element that makes you wonder why you even bother doing music because he’s on another planet, doing his own thing, completely ruptured from current sounds and trends and he sounds f*cking phenomenal while at it. That ladies and gents, is Chronicle with his freshest release titled Modern Goodbyes. And we promise we didn’t read the lyrics transcript when we said what we just said because check this out: If you can save yourself/ Then you should save yourself/ Bestie/ You don’t need my help/ I’m in another world/ Bless me.

5. Pay Me! by Speak the Rebel

So Boom Bap is truly back in style! Speak the Rebel concocted one hell of a song executed Old-School style to the smallest details. From the large reverb and linear-sounding vocals from start to end, to the heavily layered chorus voices and lo-fi mixing, Pay Me is a bonafide exponent of Golden Age Hip Hop done in 2022. The narrative is bound around the art of rapping, and There is no ceiling when you’re high enough to touch the sky.

4. Bigger Than Yours by Oscar Biggs

Oscar Biggs is at it AGAIN with a shockingly vulgar release that’s guaranteed to make waves in the Boom Bap community. Well, it’s not for nothing the artist’s fans call him the Boom Bap god from Montreal. Making excellent use of punchlines and retro Pop culture references, Bigger Than Yours is a record intentionally executed to make you gawk both at the screen and into your headphones. It’s something else, to say the least! Our favorite bars: Mcs that step to me bite the dust and it’s a must/ The rhymes I bust is mothaf*ckin’ robust/ My name’s known from Montreal to Manchester/ I’m so ahead of my time I preceded my ancestors.

3. Run It Up by Slitherilla

Strongly reminiscent of the likes of Future but with a lot more fun in it, Run It Up by Slitherilla packs the flavor of the 2014-2016 Rap scene when making sense was a thing and having an earworm for the hook was appreciated. Sounding like Mumble Rap on the surface but in all seriousness, very far from it, Run It Up is all it promises its title to be. It is uptempo, energetic, eclectic, and poignantly wipes the floor with 2022 Rap trends. We applaud and are waiting on the lyrical transcript to be made available!

2. Where the Food At? by Khi’leb

From Australia, Khi’leb is bringing the heat, the fire, and the storm. Everything about this song screams art and someone who’s been misunderstood most of his life (First day of school, like Who dat?/ I had to ask my mom where the food at?). Just look at the cover artwork of Where The Food At? and feel those brooding colors and melancholic texture added on top. It’s anger, rage, exuberance, and acceptance of life and its spectrum. Astoundingly impressive and we vow to stay watching the artist for the months to come!

1. Lockdown by LEVi

By far the catchiest song of all 10, Lockdown sports mysticism amalgamated with stellar production, and intermittently heavy lyrics. The Rap artist delves deep into his power of influencing the audience’s mood and like a magician takes you from feeling cool and expensive to questioning the reality around you. The overall flow benefits from spell-like chanting and hypnotism. The visualizer speaks for itself and confirms our choice of the record for the top spot.

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