July 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Indie-Pop Radar

Following our new monthly tradition of bringing you the best new jams from across the world and from a healthy chunk of genres to satisfy each of your preferences, today’s radar focuses on The Top 10 Best Indie-Pop Records Of July 2022. Grab a bowl of cherries and dive into the gorgeousness of each individual creation brought to you by the best Indie artists.

10. SIRENS by Ally Ahern

SIRENS is highly romantic and dashing in its vulnerable portrayal of the main character who sings: So please don’t get too close to me/ I don’t want to have to explain to you/ Why every time you touch I hear/ Sirens. The central sticky element of the song is lo and behold, the singer’s vocals that albeit their softness and romanticism, rely on a fiery delivery and sublime control.

Perfect for: that summer love that is about to burn you harder than a year-long relationship.

9. 7th Wonder by .WAVrunner

Come on be my wifey/ Baby only for the summer/ Probably shouldn’t get together/ F*ck it gotta chase the pleasure, goes the stupidly catchy hook of 7th Wonder by the interestingly stylized .WAVrunner. This record is one of those sneaky earworms that you might end up listening to by mistake in your car or at a bar and then you’re secretly looking for it on Spotify ’cause you’ve been humming it ever since. It’s brilliantly light in narrative and astutely constructed in production. We approve.

Perfect for: Guilty Pleasure Songs playlist.

8. Strangers by Mercer

Eesh this one cuts deep! Hittin’ up your exes late at night/ Wish I could call you/ Say I never tried to/ You should check your voicemails, they’re all mine/ Thinkin’ that you crossed the line/ When you say we’re fine, sings with a note of debonair perspective the artist. Strangers is the follow-up to Somebody That I Used To Know except it has more juice and confidence to it.

Perfect for: accepting that it is what it is and being like… f*ck this, f*ck you, and f*ck everything you’ve put me through. ❤

7. Ice Giants by Maria Deirissari

Indie Pop meets modern R&B! That’s the formula behind the very commercially appealing song, Ice Giants by Maria Deirissari. Don’t cry any more tears for someone who couldn’t care less/ Couldn’t give you a blessing/ Don’t cry anymore over him, them, or her/ When I’m here all the time/ Waiting for you to be mine/ You’re not perfect, duh/ Neither is anybody alive, beautifully encourages the listener the singer. By the way, is it just as or do these songs tie into one another and we’re moving past the heartbreak after we’ve met both sides and their drama?

Perfect for: when you need to be told you’re gonna be fine and you’re worth more than what you’re receiving.

6. Obsessed With You by Jess Scragg

Okay so if you were hoping for easy-breezy vibes, it’s not the time yet! This July is destined for heartbreak if we judge by all these phenomenally talented Indie Pop artists who’re all writing along the same plot line. And yet, Obsessed With You by Jess Scragg will have YOU obsessed with the song for it confers those sweet, retro, early 2000s vibes when slow songs were the IT thing and we somehow had more time for everything and everyone in our life. Our favorite lyrics: But they don’t know me/ My halo’s not holy/ There’s a reason I’m lowkey/ They were mistaken. Okay, maybe the plot line is getting thicker because this is the psycho stage after he did her wrong in the previous records.

Perfect for: fantasizing about burning your ex’s expensive clothes ’cause of all the love you got for him.

5. Honeymoon in Tokyo by Anarbor

Such a peculiar felicity for such non-conformity! We were built to break hearts, cross the line/ And I feel, the truth comes out when I look in your eyes/ Take my advice, we’ve been here before/ Let’s roll the dice, let’s tip it over, beautifully sings the warm voice pulling in the listener deeper than a hypnosis session. Honeymoon in Tokyo sees Indie Pop being merged with Dance-Rock and birthing a stratospherically appealing showpiece that will last you more than just July. Or August. Or September.

Perfect for: being young and aware of it!

4. Golden by SHELI

It’s here!!! The one song you’ve been looking for in this list. Melodic yet perfectly dry-ish for summertime, exceptionally vivid yet a drunk-like delivery, palpably organic yet resounding with exaggerated reverb. This is Golden by SHELI. What a fine record! Just look at the epicness of the lyrics! I think I’m falling I’m going to drop/ Somebody reach me, tell me to stop/ For a reason that was real and pure/ I’ve met all of the demons, I’m ready for war.

Perfect for: enjoying your solitude and not being afraid of getting drunk solo at home on a Friday night!

3. I Kinda Like It by Sage Castleberry

Did anybody mention Coldplay? Because I Kinda Like It follows the footsteps of Someone Just Like This. It roars with positive feelings, satisfying electro-groove music, large-scale production, and a flawless vocal track. The hook is annoyingly catchy and we kinda like that! I kinda like it when you need me/ When there’s nothing else to hold/ I kinda like it when I need you/ To go and pick up on your phone/ ‘Cause I don’t wanna be alone.

Perfect for: enjoying the puppy-love phase of a new relationship!

2. Acrobat by Zoe Alex

Ooo, things are getting hot! Far more daring and arresting than most of the songs on this list, Acrobat by Zoe Alex is quite the Indie Pop masterpiece. The record sets in motion a dreamlike delivery juxtaposed with a dark instrumental with brooding underlying vibes. A sort of femme fatale vibe from start to end. Our favorite part: I’ll make it easy/ Baby I’m breezy, I’m your type, you can bend me/ Twist my limbs around you/ Put your voices in my head.

Perfect for: angry makeup sex.

1. 100 Lovesongs by 5ON5

You ever met a song so perfect that even its imperfections fell right in the sweet spot and made everything sound even better? There are truly few words for us to express how much we fell for the number one song on this list, 100 Lovesongs by 5ON5 from Germany. The record, while apparently simple, it makes great use of an intricate framework composed of the raw vocals of the male singer and the heartfelt-bordering-introvert narrative. Our favorite lyrics: Now the autumn leaves turning into dust/ It’s like when heaven cries turn to angel dust/ The game of love never seem to be unreal.

Perfect for: finally finding that love you have been searching for since before the pandemic!

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