5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Music Offline

While we get a lot of readers from social media platforms, we also get plenty of visitors from search engine results. With Gen Z leaving social media altogether in droves, safe to assume, not everyone will be able to use the likes of TikTok and Facebook to run low-cost ads. So how do you promote your music when you’re offline? Easy! Read below the 5 amazing ways we’ve tested that will help you develop a fanbase without the need for a great Wi-fi connection!

5. Talk about what you do every single time a conversation opens up.

Do you know what successful musicians are? Proud. Proud of what they create and the emotional value they put out in the world. They proudly speak of their contribution to art and history of music. Equally, you should abide by the same attitude and share with great generosity what is it that you do, why you do it, for how long you’ve been doing it, and generally have the intention to instigate curiosity about your music from everyone you come in contact with.

4. Perform in public everywhere possible but in various locations.

If people can’t see you online, they NEED to see you in person. One thing you must do though when focusing on performing IRL is to NOT oversaturate the same crowd and location. If you’ve performed enough times at your local pub that you know the staff by name and even began recognizing the regulars, you need to move NOW. Move on to the next venue that is. You can keep living where you are. The word-of-mouth snowball can only be created by exposing your talent to as many eyeballs and ears as possible. So why are you orbiting the same venue for so long? You’re only delaying your success.

3. Offer to perform for local charities and fundraising events.

You will find that local and regional events do not always announce their gatherings online because they don’t have to. Some considerably sized venues that are in direct touch with the locals put together shows and charity concerts without those ever getting on Facebook or IG. So call up your local non-profit organizations and leave your contact info telling them how delighted you’d be to help with your music for any upcoming event they may have. Obviously, in most cases, non profits don’t pay but they do have great attendance.

2. Ask for strangers’ opinion when writing your songs.

Since you don’t like buttons and clicks, you’re gonna have to love conversation. You can’t NOT like either. That would just mean you want to be a songwriter and not a front-center musician. So what other better conversation starter diving straight into your music than people around you seeing you hum and write down ideas? It is very obvious when someone is composing a song vs when they’re just writing in a diary for example. So be very public about your creative process and engage with people while at it. You might enjoy this way more than you think. If no one approaches you, you approach them! Let’s say you’re writing your next song in a coffee shop. Well, when the waiter approaches you, ask them if you can bother them for 30 seconds to give you their opinion. Guess what? Everyone LOVES giving their opinion.

1. Try some old-school marketing tactics.

Because how else are you going to support your career offline when everyone else is online? You will have to navigate through marketing and sales the old-school way. One marketing approach is to take a liking to busking and move around with your talent a lot. Also, to be more precise, that means you will have to carry your instruments around and pay up for inventory upfront, print out banners and flyers, display them when you perform, sell your physical items directly to your fans at shows in person or on the street, and somehow get a lot of phone numbers so that when there are no official events going on, at least someone’s wedding can bring change in your pockets for your talent. For some, it’s easier than for others but for the right ones, this approach is second nature and this article will feel like a comforting breeze to their soul.

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