Black Rose by Saif, A Rap Ode Of Remarkable Power To The Self-Made People

Black Rose is a song about uplifting oneself from hardship. I also wanted to touch on how Greater Western Sydney is mostly depicted negatively by mainstream media outlets, always highlighting the societal challenges and rarely ever celebrating the diversity and development of the city. The title was inspired by Tupac’s The Rose That Grew From Concrete,” recounts Saif exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

 From Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Saif calls the attention of the listener to the rebirth of the main character from the ashes he was born in. Black Rose is reminiscent of the real-life hero who manages to forge a path for himself despite all odds actively working against him. The encouraging message is granted to us via a highly organic rendition and natural flow implemented with ease by the Rap artist.

With confidence that’s authentically exuded from the first bars, the artist marches directly into heavy life knowledge: Rap Shows/ Rap Flows/ And these haters act close/ Mad cause the gap closed/ I roll through with some phat clothes/ Made way like a black rose/ Cash notes – I’ll bank those/ I changed – outgrown/ Perseverance – I was out cold.

While Saif’s vocals are on the tenor spectrum, we are, however, confronted with a serious perspective during the verse that explains what the artist meant in the opening of this article: Yo — come sing along/ Catch a feeling huh/ Mind is feeling in tune/ No matter who you are/ No matter what you own/ Shine bright like a star/ Even in a broken home/ You can go very far. What you will have noticed is the peculiar approach to sing-rap during the verse and rap-rap on the chorus. A dynamic that’s exactly opposite to what the mainstream listener is used to. Saif’s Black Rose is more melodic during the verses than on its hooks. We don’t know if the songwriter planned for this but it sticks out and gives a certain oomph to the commercial appeal of the record.

They selling on the corners/ West SYD in the news/ Paint a picture of my home/ Say it’s drugs and abuse/ They don’t know our story/ Many faces of truth/ We fight for justice/ Built our dreams from the roots, continues with even more effervescent delivery the Rap artist. We admire Saif’s commitment to portraying the truth behind the public narrative. It is much easier to point fingers and blame names than it is to hold on to the good in people and socially perceived disadvantaged places.

Some quote-worthy bars from the second verse instill a solid impression of the songwriter even further in the mind of the audience: Shoulders through terrain that cut but know I carry well/
Lookin’ at the stars — wonder if he put me on; Room was full of smoke/ Distracted from my goals/ Hope I don’t lose my soul.
The innocence hiding in Saif’s voice is something out of this world. He doesn’t try to sound tough or angry. He’s just sharing with the public a genuine moment in time from his life and you can nearly touch the hardship and tribulations he faced in overcoming his demons. Simply put, beautiful.

There’s people dying/ There’s people grieving/ Have the patience/ Things take time/ Train your mind/ Pay no mind/ Lose a few/ Re-design/ Before the light/ Then your time comes, leaves the artist his listeners with pragmatical and inspirational words to live by.

An oasis of tranquil piano music welded with consciously written bars make up the memorable Black Rose by Saif. An artist we promise to keep our eyes on.

Song Credits: Saifi Tadveen (Saif) – Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer; Barry Saleh – Sound Engineer; Sukhdeep Singh (L-Fresh The Lion) – Creative Director.

Make sure you support Saif by streaming Black Rose on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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