5 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Box As A Music Artist

You sure heard that uniqueness and originality matter almost more than anything when it comes to a successful music career and that is true but not in the beginning. Be too out there with your sonic style and your innovative taste will be immediately rejected. There is a time and place for unleashing your true powers but when you’re starting out, you must spoon-feed your audience or they won’t understand you. Subsequently, we’ve laid out a nice list of 5 reasons you should embrace a box of your choice and fill it up until you pour out and only THEN start being your wild self.

5. A specific genre makes it easier for media outlets to link your likeness to someone the masses are familiar with.

If your vocal timbre hints of Billie Eilish but your sound reminds everyone of Old Town Road, you best believe that is exactly what journalists and reporters will anchor your presentation in. And this only makes sense for it is much easier to create a mental and sonic picture in the minds of the readers. If, on the other hand, nobody can pinpoint you to anybody famous, it’s almost impossible to make clickable headlines and engaging paragraphs.

4. Embracing an exact genre also makes it infinitely easier for the playlisters and music curators to package you nicely so that you fit in with the rest.

Nothing will irk a music editor more than your sound disturbing the acoustic flow of their playlist. There is a reason Spotify has divided even the most successful of songs into many different playlists. There are Work Out playlists, which duh, are all about that aggressive vibe and only include uptempo songs. Then there is the Hip Hop playlist, Hot 100 playlist, TikTok Playlist, etc. These are comprised of famous songs so the rules don’t apply to you since your song likely is not even registered with the proper distributor to be accounted for charting. BUT there is a big lesson to learn. If you can’t clearly state the genre of your music, what playlist are you going to be welcomed to?

3. People’s brains will welcome you easier and faster than someone without a box.

If your song is so experimental that you find yourself saying, “you must listen to it at least 3 times,” oof!!! Big trouble on the horizon. Any song that doesn’t catch on from the first listen, won’t make it. Yes, those are the times we live in. So if you go for a tested formula, like doing 2 hooks and 2 verses for a similarly long Hip Hop song, the audience will have an easy time consuming your product and accepting it. Whereas if you do futuristic Hip Hop and your tracks are 5 minutes long, other than a few movie directors, nobody will bat an eye.

2. There’s only one Lady Gaga.

Meaning, that you can’t dress too crazy or do outrageous sh*t because the times have changed. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you will find yourself being run over by a hate train before you even get your fame ticket. Instead, look for the current box you like most, analyze your competition, and copy them in peace.

1. You will get your first fans faster by targeting a similar artist’s audience than building your own from zero.

And you won’t find a similar artist if you sound like no one else out there! This is so crucial and it is a true, bonafide, undisputed deal breaker for new artists. Sound similar enough to another artist that is more successful than you who has at the very least 100k fans, and build from there. Otherwise, you will look for the needle in the haystack and run out of money and patience.

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