Do You Mind by Joshua Flores, R&B Grandeur For The Undecided Lovers

Joshua Flores, the one and only prodigy who’s able to pull off a whole team’s work on his own without any difference in end-product quality, is hitting us in the feels today with Do You Mind. Overflowing with emotional eloquence and of a nature so delicate as to make you feel anxious in love, despite you probably hanging out at home in slippers with your cat, Do You Mind possesses the fine quality of a deeply romantically imbued experience offered to us within an R&B sonic frame.

For this song, I wanted to dive further into my R&B side. This is a very flirtatious record that focuses on the back and forth of an on-and-off relationship. You both know that you have feelings for each other but enjoy the game of teasing one another. This was also a way to try new things with my production, making sure you feel the bass and beat in the song,” shares Joshua Flores from Dallas, Texas, exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

A perfectly silent and melancholic waah-haah protrudes the sonic space while an organ-like synth slowly starts laying the foundation for the instrumental. This situation feels so wrong/ I haven’t held you in so long/ Give me a chance to make this right/ ‘Cause I just want you by my side, sings the artist in his uniquely nasal tone. Joshua Flores could have been the Shakespeare of the music industry with all the inspiration he has for romantic lyrics and soul-touching stories.

Why you try to lie about your feelings?/ I know you want me girl quit deceiving/ I see it in your eyes you’re believing/ That you might’ve made the wrong decision/ You said you’d always be mine/ And that our love was divine/ Let me show you why show you why, speeds up the pace and then beautifully mellows down the songwriter. There were some noticeable, neatly woven wooohs supporting the pre-hook. Joshua Flores seems to intuitively know exactly what to add and when to do it be it more vibrato or more layered choir vocals. This is especially beautiful and appreciable for today’s records rarely make use of this stylistic aspect.

Do you mind when I tell you that I love you?/ Do you mind, when I promise that I’ll come through?/ Any time you find that you need me day or night, do you mind? absorbs you the hook entirely. The title-carrying line is extremely catchy while the lower frequencies of the song are decidedly coming through more vividly than on previous releases by the same artist.

Never stopped wanting you/ And I know you want me too/ You can’t break the attraction oh/ When you’re all alone you call me up/ Telling me you’ve had enough/ You need my love and attention, deepens the narrative the R&B producer. We like how initially he focused on the emotional connection between the main characters and only towards the end Joshua Flores touches on the physical factor. A method rather unheard both in the songwriting realm and just about everywhere in real life as well.

When taken in conjunction with the track record of the artist, Do You Mind easily fits right in there with the rest of the abundantly produced songs and profoundly sentimental messages. It’s a sweet record that’s a tad uncomfortable as it places reciprocated but unconsumed love at the core of it reminding us how great humans are at creating problems out of nothing. And yet, this flawed way of seeing things in love is also what makes the feeling so whimsical and invincible. Let’s call it ‘going the Romeo and Juliet way’ by choice but on a good beat crafted by Joshua Flores please and thank you.

Song Credits: Joshua Nicholas Flores – Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Joshua Flores by streaming Do You Mind on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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