7 Weird Things Only Musicians Find Normal

There is a lot of beauty and quirky uniqueness in being a musician. The fun part is if you’re one, you immediately know when you meet someone doing the same job by various fun, cool, and straight-up weird stuff they engage in. Musicians, you either love them or hate them but one thing you do have to admit, being around them is an entirely different experience on its own. Read below the 7 weird things only a musician finds normal 😀

7. Playing invisible instruments while listening to a song they really like.

If it’s a guitar player, he’ll simulate playing the instrument. If it’s someone familiar with the piano, they’ll look very peculiar hitting chords and notes with one hand and possibly even two. You wonder seeing these people in public “how do they know which fingers to use and in what direction to move?” Well, they’re musicians and that is their job! The funniest one in our humble opinion is the drum player.

6. Knowing way too much about any given song.

Did you ever begin a conversation with someone about a recent song on the radio and you’ve unleashed a walking Wikipedia? If that person told you the original song the sample came from, the producer of the track, the history behind it, and possibly even who was the initial artist the song was supposed to go to, then you sir/ma’am bumped into a true musician. Nobody else has time or interest for such details but them music-obsessed folks.

5. Quoting random song lyrics instead of referencing literary sources.

When a musician gets deep, nine times out of ten they will pull out some unknown song lyrics and even likely perform them in front of you to get their idea through. Musicians experience life through sound so it is only normal that their deepest inspirational material and spiritual guidance should come from other artists. They can even point to a song for every single mood they have.

4. Crying and laughing right after or even both at the same time.

Because music artists create, they FEEL before they think. They FEEL before they speak, judge, live. They’re all about feeling the world with their heart. That means that a music artist can easily jump around and pretend to be Elvis Presley gyrating his hips while dedicating you a whole Rock song and then sob in their pillow right after because some Evanescence song came on. If you like feeling alive and not knowing what’s next, make friends or lovers who are musicians. You will be shocked how many contrasting emotions a single human can go through in the span of 5 minutes.

3. Falling in love and hating the person with passion on the same day.

What do you get when you put hopelessly romantic and a doze of self-centered in the same person? Someone rather emotionally unstable. A musician is very attuned to his/her heart and they let themselves feel it ALL. But that includes both positive and negative feelings and whoever is around will decidedly feel the difference from one emotion to the next. A musician will easily tell you they will never love anyone ever again and then write a diss track the day after because you didn’t care to hear out their demo 😀 Unrequested advice: to make a relationship with a musician work, just don’t take what they say too seriously. Cut in half whatever they throw at you. Both the good and the bad or you’ll end up in therapy from all the fire and ice constantly “bestowed” upon you.

2. Proudly dressing irrespectively of any existing fashion trends.

Because they think they are stars and some actually do become faces on billboards and names on the charts. Few from the tens of millions of musicians across the world but they do. Musicians have a highly original sense of fashion. One may dress like Avril Lavigne just put out her first album and another like the Beatles are still charting. They are fabulous in the eyes of some and ridiculous in the eyes of many. We find them outrageously cool for life is too short to care what everyone else thinks of you.

1. Breaking up with someone because the vibe wasn’t there.

If you want to find the most ridiculous reasons for breakups, ask people who have dated musicians 😀 Those reasons can go from “I just wasn’t feeling it anymore” to “I looked in her eyes one morning and the Universe wasn’t there anymore.” Yeah, if you come across some songwriter who uses his girlfriends/boyfriends with the main role of being the muse, once you stop muse-ing them, you’re out. And that is absolutely okay for a music artist 😀 Love ’em, hate ’em, no one lives life or creates drama to the degree they do!

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