August 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Hip Hop Radar

Keeping up our new monthly tradition, we’re bestowing upon you the highest order of Hip Hop records meant to accompany you in your daily life, workout sessions, and meditative states. And please tell us you didn’t read that in a serious tone because you need to lighten up if you gawked at the screen 😀 Tune out the daily noise, the crappy radio, and embrace the sheer passion and zest from the best upcoming Hip Hop artists as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment.


She backpackin’/ Closer to her dreams than her oversized jacket/ Sh*tting on these n***** sh*ttin’ on these b*tches after, raps the artist with an unusual dynamic wavering between cool tremor and poking fun at the audience. For some reason, even the name of the artist, ZADDY COOL, follows the same hilarious presentation filled with IDGAF-ness and old-school type of humoristic approach. A song for flirting, laughing, and possibly even light gossip over unqualified pretenders.

9. WATCH ME by kavvzad ft. Brieya May

Have you ever wanted to listen to a Bri’ish-sounding Kanye West with a bit more self control and chill factor while still being cool AF? kavzad from UK is coming through with sagacious lyrics and a highly affable personality touching your mind and beckoning your spirit in for a sitdown with a friend you never even knew you had. It all happens on his latest release, WATCH ME. Leaning more into Chill Hop than Rap, the single flaunts an exquisite sound production paired with the feminine touch of Brieya Mary. Our personal favorite bars: Kicks come fresh like a can of Febreeze/ Airpods in when I bop down streets/ Need to clear my mind like blood on the leaves/ Pick my poison, money trees/ I’m a good kid, they ill educated/ Finesse nonstop so I’m elevated/ Abel in my ear every time I’m faded/ Think about my old life, that’s not me.

8. Birkin by Eastside JP

If you were missing the ’90s bops that featured minor chords while elevating your mood with great celerity via party lyrics and fun music videos, Birkin by Eastside JP is your new ish. With a flow that’s more modern than old-school and an attitude that’s more motivational than it is braggadocious, Eastside JP lets you know that we get it poppin’ from Sunday to Sunday and there are no days off as one gotta get to the money. The outstanding feature of the song is the highly contrasting nature of the music versus the promoted narrative.

7. I Been by George Kalin

Starting off on a jovial ya-ya-ya one wonders if the song is legit or a comedy sketch. But no worries, the song is an actual masterpiece. George Kalin dives into self-respect and grandiloquent pride in one’s own ideologies just about as soon as the beat drops. The flow of the Rap artist oozes years of preparation and continuous polishing. No one can rap so effortlessly and switch between that many progressions without having put in the work. But f*ck man really it’s whatever/ …/ Changing from the summer to the winter with the weather would summarize the realistic perspective of the lyricist towards life itself.

6. Experience by Maffmatix

Maffmatix took on the dreamy Rap quest to a whole new level with Experience. Coming right back again/ So fresh you can smell it through the packaging/ I didn’t think I’d rap again machinates the storyline the Rap artist. When the music hits, your heart sinks. In warmth, luxurious vibes, and sexy drums that is. The chorus is an ethereal sultry voice allowing the listener to feel the puissant atmosphere and true meaning of the single. A song that is plentifully delivered in veils of illusions bordering reality and struggle, Experience deserves to be experienced.

5. Ecstasy by AhmoG

Not Drill, not Rap, not Pop, not Hip Hop, but still spitting bars and dropping lava. Just when we thought that Rap music couldn’t take on any more hybrid forms, AhmoG slaps us in the face with creativity we haven’t witnessed in a good while on his latest track, Ecstasy. What’s my name?/ I’m in the rain!/ Circle with gang/ Pressure the pain/ Never leave/ Don’t let it gain/ Undefeated, I never complain, goes the irrefutably chart-worthy chorus. Ecstasy is finely moulded to appeal to indie lovers and mainstream fans alike for it uses the driven vein of a self-made artist laid over the pristine production resembling hit songs of the modern world.

4. Different by Bobby Jaggerjack

Ladies and gents, we have a businessman on the list! I’m a breed that you haven’t seen, so you really don’t know what to do with me/ (I’m doing it different!) My business acumen battle tested, you know you ain’t making a fool of me/ (I’m doing it different!) I done been here more than ten years and I had to do it myself/ (I’m doing it different!) If I wanna get it done the right way, then I gotta get it myself! This one goes so hard we might as well give it the title of “Hustler Anthem Of The Summer.” Simply phenomenal. Bobby Jaggerjack shows all the signs of a solid self-made Rap artist who has a real chance of making it in the music business should he continue putting out material of this quality and depth.

3. Fights with the Mrs. by Saynave

Saynave brought some audacious relationship lessons to the table. The detail, cunning, and mastery of real-life portrayal are remarkably rich and vivid on his latest song, Fights with the Mrs. When the babies come/ That’s a pregnant pause/…/ Now life is hectic/ She used to give you head /Now she only give you headaches, are just some of the jarring bars leaving you scratching your head in both admiration and shock. The sonic style is of gigantic proportions framed within a thick atmosphere of synths and vintage drums. The creation could be added to the Expensive Hip Hop playlist.

2. WAR by JUJO

B*tch I, b*tch I, b*tch I, b*tch I won the war follows the extremely simple yet stupidly catchy hook chant. It is an unavoidable earworm that will have you uncontrollably repeating the lyrics in your mind while on a Zoom call with your mom. Just make sure you bob your head but shut up. You will explain later 😀 The trumpets bring about major excitement and when consumed along with the aggressive flow of the artist, the sonic progression results in a wildly energetic banger powerful enough to get your behind out of the bed and into the gym.

1. BABBLE ON by Lo$ Silva

Number one is an undisputable, lo and behold, number one. Lo$ Silva controls the beat like Caesar did taxes and you only need one hook and half a verse to appreciate his mastery of Hip Hop and vicious yet substantial rhymes: I spit truth/ I birth stars/ They babble on/ K*ll all these wack rappers in Babylon/ Confuse puppets/ Tower of Babylon/ We write stories/ Spray bars/ They babble on. When you come across masterpieces like Babble On, you can’t help but hate the current industry and whoever is in power for you realize the real talent is yet undiscovered while someone makes subpar songs and leverages their connections to the gatekeepers. A big middle finger to the decision-makers of the moment and an equal if not bigger thank you to Lo$ Silva for being self-made and putting out music and videos of this grandeur. We stan.

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