Evolution of the Mind by Darien Martus, A Ballad Coming From The Better Future

From Idyllwild, California, Darien Martus devised a sonic creation atypical for the likes of 2022. And yet, Evolution of the Mind is as much of a whimsical ballad interpretation of the future as it is heavy pondering on the wrong trajectory we’re taking in the present moment as humans on a collective scale.

Evolution of the Mind” is a song from later in the rock epic poem, Rockaxeon, my 70-minute album that is based on science and the 1998 discovery of “Excalibur” in Atapuerca, Spain. The song speaks of a time when humans have evolved and learned to “care” for each other without “having any war and find another way”. I also wanted the song to have an understanding point of view; that this type of evolution takes place in the mind and “takes time”. It probably seems obvious that I released this single in hopes that listeners might seek out the larger work, Rockaxeon, in order to appreciate the song’s context,” shares the singer, songwriter Darien Martus exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Struck by the somber guitar, the air is filled with melancholy and fairytale vibes. What’s it take to think outside the box/ To run on different clocks/ And know that it’s ok/ Hey? sings Darien Martus with a soft voice and heartwarming demeanor. The guitar paces itself to accompany the songwriter in his ethereal delivery and angel-like approach to discussing rather heavy, existential matters with the audience via the questions posed in the narrative. What’s it take to try to change again/ And see beyond the end/ To find another way?

Evolution of the mind/ Takes time, takes time, lands the very curt and monumental chorus. Albeit swift, the hook section does take on a more melodic tone than the verses.

So give it all a break/ It takes what it will take/ Some things can’t be forced/ To mutate, with the last word we hear the arrival of some heavier kicks and a light snare. An organ-like synth is added to the mixture rendering the sonic frame that of an intergalactic reunion between the leaders of the stars. This is sincerely enthralling and mesmerizing for Darien Martus delves into the subject at hand without hesitation or regard for current music trends. Such a courageous and acoustically unique accomplishment!

Living on a thousand years or more/ Not having any war/ And find another way/ …/ And there’s a future there/ For ones who learn to care, discloses the songwriter his futuristic vision of humanity’s ascension to a more spiritual state in which harmony and compassion lead the moral compass of societies across the globe. None of us will be around for it but it sure is nice hearing it depicted with so much soul and musical excellency from a voice and talent such as Darien Martus’.

The tranquil, almost romantic ending of Evolution of the Mind reiterates the need of time doing its thing and mental changes spanning over many, many, many years. The song, from start to end, appears as a whisper meant to speak to your soul and guide you with hope and dreamy music to a progressively different world waiting for us in the distant future. But if we can see it, we will create it.

Song Credits: Darien Martus – Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Vocal and Sound Engineer, Guitar and Synth Player; Paul Johannes – Flute, Alto, Tenor, and Soprano Saxophones, Keyboards; Lorenzo Von Hofler II – Bass Player; Peter May – Drums and Percussion; Dan O’Connor – Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars; Dave Marshall – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support Darien Martus by streaming Evolution of the Mind on Apple Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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