Top 10 Most Romantic Songs of Summer 2022 by Blue Rhymez Entertainment

What’s more comforting than a Piña colada on a white sand beach? Love in all its forms and derivatives. The following list is an honor for us to put together and we thank each and every artist on it for having brought forth their deepest feelings, truest heart, and sincerest form of expression, music. We hope you will enjoy every single record and consider supporting those you like the most!

10. Love Song by Kevin Alston

On a tone most reminiscent of Y2K’s love ballads and luxuriously layered vocalizations, Kevin Alston invokes Chris Brown meshed with SZA on his latest release, Love Song. The record lands like a soothing blanket for the romantic listener wishing for a reciprocated love. The sonic frame is breathtakingly sultry and intricate in instrumentation with crispy drums, ad-libs used as enhancing sound effects, and perfect pitch modulations. To give you an exact idea, here are some of the simple yet gorgeous lyrics: Give me one chance/ Just one romance/ Give me one dance/ We can go fast, oh yeah/ No need to rush this/ This is perfect timing/ This is our love song.

9. Eternal Love by Davis Booth

If you can imagine loving someone for years on end without getting the chance to tell them goodbye then seeing them vividly speaking to you in a dream, it would be exactly the feeling Eternal Love by Davis Booth bestows upon the listener. We didn’t speak with any words/ But your memory contained emotions/ From all the stories we shared/ And all the words left unspoken/ I wanna dig you back up/ Turn back time/ Bring back your life/ Make you mine/ Shelter from the struggle/ Pull you down from above/ Hold your body again/ Bring back your love. The song cuts deep and the voice makes you shudder for it expresses the ultimate type of love: the one that goes beyond the limitations of space and time. If you ever had Anastacia on your playlist, give Eternal Love a chance.

8. Lovin’ by the Non Talkers

The Non Talkers add some futuristic spice to the list with a 3D-animated lyric video produced by the lead singer, Marco Brantner. You bet everything you’ve got/ Without any certainty/ It’s gonna last/ You put yourself on the spot/ With all defenses down/ Hoping not to be shot belts the majestic voice of the singer while his wife, Evita Brantner accompanies in the background with sweet supporting tracks. The ballad is gratifying, excellently produced, and earnestly performed by a couple who love each other in real life and share a daughter who they even wrote a song for.

7. WITHOUT ME by Bryson King

Of course we had to have a live performance on the list. While we do not know if the take is a one-off recording slapped on top of the instrumental, the end-product gleams and shines with indubitable rawness and endearing emotion. The voice of the songwriter, Bryson King, carries the romantic tinges Shawn Mendes used to abide by early in his career. The songwriter speaks of holding on to the love that wasn’t rooted in hate and wondering what happened to cause the change in his partner’s feelings which very much sounds like a bonafide ex by now (Remember when you told me I was the only one that made you feel this way?/…/ Does he make you feel better than I used to?). Despite the separation in the connection, there is some glaring love coming at you when hearing WITHOUT ME.

6. Whole by Jesse Michael

I think I’ve got what you’re missing/ This peace that somebody stole/ I know this feeling you’re after/ I want to make you feel whole, sings Jesse Michael the beautiful hook of Whole. The song is imbued with palpable retro qualities, such as the ’80s organ sound and reverb-filled layered back vocals and the Disco drums and snares that show up towards the second part of the masterpiece. We admire, we like, we add to playlist and so should you.

5. How It’s Always Been by Chudi Harris

Are you ready to cry? You see, How It’s Always Been by Chudi Harris speaks of a love so pure and so supportive that it makes you feel ashamed for having ever entertained someone that has made you feel less than you are. No mistake, we’re in love/ That’s how it’s always been/ I wanna be your escape when sh*t gets rough/ That’s how it’s always been/ Holding on to the memory isn’t hard/ ‘Cause we knew back then/ That there’s no mistake, we’re in love/ That’s how it’s always been, soulfully performs his whimsical, romantic, tear-inducing song, Chudi Harris. The acoustic rendition is an amalgamation of Pop-Rock, Soul, and R&B aided by the dazzling vocals of the singer. Worthy of multiple replays if you ask us.

4. On My Mind by Brenden David

Ugh! The perfect summer love song that will bring back so many memories and equal parts of joy, pain, and a dash of cynicism on top all while gifting you the ideal modern Dance production. Ladies and gents, that is On My Mind by Brenden David. Since we said goodbye/ No, I’m not still thinking/ About your hazel eyes/ And your arms around me/ When your hand in mine/ Felt like where I’m supposed to be, and so goes on the genius songwriter blatantly hiding in plain sight the true feelings he has about his romantic interest. Sigh! Now cry ’cause you can’t remember when was the last time someone came forward to send you a real love message. Well, good thing you got songs like On My Mind to help you out with your imagination.

3. don’t let go by Braden Lam

Wanna drive around the country with the best kickass romantic song that will take you high as Lana Del Rey used to during summertime minus the self-deprecation part? 3 words for you: don’t let go by Braden Lam. Okay, maybe 6 words but you got the idea. The showpiece is legendary in its instrumentation and gripping in its narrative: If you’d like to lay beside me/ Close your eyes/ Head on my heartbeat/ Lie to me, that’s alright/ Don’t kid yourself/ Got too much on your mind/ Drift in like heavy smoke/ From your cigarette/ You never settle by design. Roba buona. Oh, in English that’s ‘good stuff.’

2. Northern Lights by Hunter Sheridan

‘Cause when I see that golden light/ Gleaming in your eyes/ It’s like holding the northern lights, lands with heavy impact the voice of the singer while you are realizing the song is a curious blend of Electro Pop, Dance, and a touch of Hozier’s voice. It’s a strong, powerful male voice that chooses to perform in its higher register but it could as easily dominate the lower notes. You instantly get the feeling of someone knowing but not using his full vocal power.

The instrumental concocts an almost cosmic vibe with those electro synths in the lower frequency of the beat right above the bass line. Wow. If we ever get to the auroral oval, we will make sure to play this song as we’re unapologetically staring at the sky.

1. Letter by Meg Mac

Trigger warning: if you’ve ever been gaslighted by a breathtakingly beautiful narcissistic lover or friend, skip the number one spot because boy… Will it make you bawl your eyes out. Why might you wonder? Because for one, the singer, Meg Mac, controls and commands her godly pipes like Poseidon did the seas. A voice so ethereal that you feel like you’re listening to an angel. No, not an angel that is high-pitched and airy. Rather one that knows their worth and unleashes their full force when opening their mouth. That in itself might give you goosebumps. Secondly, the lyrics. Those damn lyrics of showing us the other side of a friend that left or a lover that woke up too late when looking back. Letter is achingly beautiful, despairingly touching, and concerningly catchy albeit it being a ballad. Such a wondrous creation. Now to give you a nudge to cry if you didn’t start yet, here: Maybe it’s time to write that letter/ I’ve been meaning to send you/ Been waiting so long to say/ And I’ll feel better when I tell you the reason I had to walk away/ Have you been waiting all this time/ And I will always regret how I tried to forget/ I’m afraid it’s more than I gained since I left/ ‘Cause nobody can replace you/ And no-one should have to. You’re welcome and go get a napkin yourself ’cause we used ours up.

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