August 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Dance Radar

After we’ve delighted you with the best Hip Hop tracks of this month and top romantic songs of the entire summer, it’s the Dance genre turn today to take the spotlight and shortcut to your heart. The following ten records will implant a sense of groovy dawns and vibey dusks into your mind while your body will get a blazing jolt of energy with some Disco tinges from the ’80s. Volume up, headphones on, and get to it!

10. Dior by Glyy

With lively instruments and a vibrating excitement, Dior by Glyy endorses the feel-good vibes of a tumultuous summer and a hot night out. Well, to be more specific, a very steamy night out: She’s a four-leaf clover/…/ I got a one-track mind right now/…/ I’ll take control right now/…/ I know you want it and I want it too/…/ You left some lipstick on the mirror too. Woof! Someone is not holding back from detailing just how lucky they got compared to most of us 😀

9. Anymore by YAZ

Granted, Anymore is not purely Dance but it was exceptional enough to get on the list! The song sees multiple overlays between Techno, Dance, Electro, House, and Synth Pop without losing its coherent, danceable progression. I never thought we could break/ But now I notice all of the cracks in the dialect/ All the things you left out/ I confess, I wasn’t finished yet/ I gotta let you go now/ I’m standin’ in the street/ Waitin’ by the bus stop/ Where we used to meet, sings the warm, sweet, yet empowering voice of YAZ right before the hook drops. We get a feel Gen Z will bop to it more so than the others.

8. Trippin‘ by LYNDSAY

A dash of steel drums, modern Dance synths, and an impressively positive outlook on what seems to be a toxic romantic interest; that ladies and gents, is Trippin‘ by LYNDSAY. Boy you’re trippin’/ But I’m having a good time/ Boy you’re trippin’/ Ain’t you having a good time?/ Why you keep trippin’?/ ‘Cause I’m having a good time/ I’m having a good time/ Boy you’re trippin’ go the lyrics that are enough for you to vibe vivaciously along with the memorable voice of the singer.

7. Living Hell by Gold Spectacles

On a more mellow note but danceable nonetheless, the trippy, indie, moody, vibey Living Hell by Gold Spectacles does quite the number on its listeners. Before you know it, you are humming I keep running out on my own/ I’m self destructing and I can only blame myself/ I am sorry if I made your life a living hell. Think of the last chilly nights of August right before Fall announces her arrival. Just perfect for that very moment and temperature.

6. Timeless by HOLLISS

The ’80s groove in full effect! Timeless by HOLLISS is a sexy piece of Dance overlapped with modern vocal production rooted in highly romantic messages. Seriously, amazingly, shockingly great. We make the old look new/ I feel so classic when I’m standing next to you/ We won’t quit, no we couldn’t if we tried/ Don’t miss the moment, make the moment last for life. Yes, as incredible as it may appear, Timeless didn’t compromise any of its standing pillars. Lyrics, music, arrangement, appeal, modulations – all outstandingly excellent.

5. Good Night by Joshua Flores

Joshua Flores has been a long-time favorite amongst us at Blue Rhymez Entertainment and Good Night proves why. The prodigy can seamlessly transition from writing R&B compositions to singing his heart out on a dark Pop beat and swiftly revert to a Dance track like Good Night. ‘Cause I’m about to lose it, lose it/ Watching you on the floor/ The way you do it, do it/ Would make anyone ask for more/ I don’t know where you have been all of my life/ but now that you are by my side, performs with his usual vein of authenticity, the one and only, Joshua Flores.

4. Lala by SMYNBIGGS

The higher we go on the list, the better the music gets! A bit of Rap, a lot of Dance, heaps of back vocals, triple layers of groove, and some icing in the form of funny ad-libs, and you get the stupendous cake named Lala by SMYNBIGGS. And just take a look at those audacious lyrics! It’s the boy with the problems back at it/ Girl you must’ve just came from a beauty pageant/ She probably got a man I ain’t even gotta ask her/ Started flirting now she want the tip like a dasher. We are missing the shocked emoji face here.

3. Race by David Green

Hypnotic, mesmerizing, and heartwarmingly sweet, Race by David Green assumes a most socially and humanistically guiding role. They keep on trying/ To keep us divided/ That makes us easier to control/ It’s time that we realize/ We’re all on the same side/ We don’t have to jump/ ‘Cause they say so, sings David Green with an intensity of purpose neither hard to deny nor easy to come by. Race will gain your favor with somber majesty and deep admiration for the uber groovy track supporting the case for us, normal beings, being subjected to the leading powers doing as they f*cking please. No excuses incoming for our French. We said what we said. And a thunderous Bravo to David Green!

2. Planter by 1st Base Runner

When you hear out the second spot, you see shortly why we placed it up top! It’s off the walls, it’s psychedelic, it’s danceable, and it borders Rock rhythm and drums’ layout. Artsy would be the word nearing the most the overall impression one is left with after giving Planter a shot. I wish I was more just like you every day/ I wish I could take it back and go away/ I wish I was more just like you every day/ Would you let me take you back and make it all ok? Could you let me be your only one again?

1. drew by HOAX

But it’s no easier to be alone/ I want you here, I needed you to (know)/ No, it don’t go the way that we planned it/ But who the hell cares? Why does it matter?/ The way we appear is not up to/ All of the fears that they share/ It all becomes clеar that/ Through all uncertainty/ I’d rather be, deliberately enchants you the singer with his soulful voice and a slight touch of aloofness. The artist performs the creation so easily (funny when you hear the chorus!) that it gives off the vibe of someone who’s been vocal training since he was born.

Besides the gripping vocals, the rhythm is an undeniable good ol’, classic Dance track. It’s a record that one could easily pass off as being over 4 decades old because that’s how acutely intent its production is.

Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2022

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