September 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Acoustic Radar

Are you seeing the colorful leaves in the air and the smell of rain? No? Nobody? Us either. Well, with only a few days away from September, we thought you might enjoy the splendor of Acoustic records that emphasize the majestic harmony between a soulfully infused voice and the unmistakably organic instrumentation that’s coming back in the music business, and this time around, we sure hope it’s here to stay. Ladies, gents, and everyone in between, enjoy the following ten songs guaranteed to smooth out the transition from the late summer nights to the productive cold fall.

10. Meant It by Jonni

We’re kicking off the list with a hybrid-ish song, Meant It by Jonni. The song is acoustic in all senses when it comes to the instrumental but the vocals got the modern pitch-adjusted treatment. All for the higher good of the record of course! A bit of Jhenè Aiko, a bit of Meghan Fox, a tad of Soul, a splash of R&B and you get Jonni. Meant It accomodates the romantic listener in search for a breezy song granting acoustic strums during summer nights. Let’s see what the new name will bring to the table in the future as well!

9. yours by townsend

I don’t feel like myself/ I woke up dreaming when you told me you found someone else/ Overthinking my actions/ React with distractions/ It’s how I learned to cope with any growing pain, descriptively portrays his heartbreak townsend. The inarguably rich vocals penetrate the soul deep enough to make you feel heartbroken even if you’re married with a dog. It is not our first time taking note of townsend and we sure hope not the last. The artist is just fabulous in commanding his guitar and touching your heart through the screen.

8. The One Who’s Crying by Briana Scully

Think of a more mellow Avril Lavigne style of singing but along the same lines of kissing goodbye your unworthy exes. The One Who’s Crying by Briana Scully is quite the mind fest for the woman blindly falling for the bad guy pretending to be nice. I wish I hated you/ But you won’t give me space to breathe/ Yet you’re the one who gets to leave, dear Lord that is one toxic MF-er.

7. Breakthrough by Gabou, 7&Nine, Shakambo & Stuffed Tomato

The R&B sensation of 2 min and 38 sec capable of steeping your self-love doubts in its gentle emotional blanket peppered with snug vocalizations is none other than Breakthrough by Gabou. Now I know, drop it all’s gonna be alright/ No flex on the breakthrough/ Laid back, crib in the garage, yeah/ Quit chasing the view/ Love yourself, easy to say but/ If I ever hesitate/ Do I get another chance/ To make me feel that way? Throughout the song, Gabou, the singer, consciously left space for interpretation to allow the public to add their own perspective of self to the narrative. It’s the type of song that depending on the mood you’re in when listening to it, changes its meaning.

6. Swallow by Teresa Berman

Yes! The artsy one is here! Can a house be a home till you lay down a nest?/ Though you might never get there to lay down those eggs/ ‘Cause you’re sunny side up, or you’re scrambled in fear/ But you’re just not hard-boiled, gotta run somewhere, sings with a peculiarity of manner, Teresa Berman. There is just as much tangible value in Swallow as there is an intangible force wrapping itself around your brain making you gawk at the screen and open your senses. It’s beautiful really when you look at it from any point of view. You get imagery, art, organic music, a vintage voice type, and plenty of soul in the singer’s performance.

5. Take Me Home by Tanner Usrey

A sturdy, industrious, yet romantic composition. That our dear reader and listener, is Take Me Home by Tanner Usrey. The acoustic song displays a delightful sonority rooted in the masculine yet warm voice of the artist paired with the greatly schemed organic instrumentation. Take me home tonight/ ‘Cause I’m way too damn drunk to drive/ We can dance in the dark till we’re feeling right/ Oh darling, take me home tonight. You get soul, love, and real life, all in one beautiful song named Take Me Home.

4. Better Days by Tommi English

A dreamy voice and sexy guitar? Yes, please! Better Days by Tommi English is busily engaged in charming the listener and hypnotizing one into following the songwriter’s train of thought about embracing one’s true identity. One of these days, I’ll be what I wanna be is the message of the song summarized in two bars and a sweet statement.

3. The Devil by Chad Wilson

From Nashville, Tennessee, Chad Wilson says about his newest release: “If we can save just one life with this song, it’s worth it. This song is something that’s not about me. It’s about helping people on an ongoing basis. This song has a message that needs to be heard by people who deal with mental health issues because they understand how dark of a place it can be.” Released with the start of Suicide Prevention Month, The Devil is written with extraordinary depth and grace focused on animating mental illness into a specific character that then makes the listener capable of grasping the implications of losing one’s sanity. It’s a song that will inherently induce melancholy for a good cause within the listener’s mind.

2. Death and Taxes by Jordan Fletcher

With no apologies for the long quote, here are some badass lyrics: Seven years young, my daddy said/ “Son if you gonna be dumb you’d better be tough”/ Don’t ever start war but throw the last punch/ And hit ’em hard enough so they don’t get up/ Early to bed and early to rise/ Make some man healthy, wealthy, and wise/ I shake my head and I rolled my eyes/ When he start talkin’ ’bout things like. Jordan Fletcher totally stole our attention first and our hearts second with the straightforward message of Death and Taxes, an Acoustic record that is particularly electrifying for its sheer sincerity and stellar Country production. If you’re a father and you’re not that great at communication, just share the link to the song with your sons and daughters. They’ll thank you for it.

1. If I sold my soul today by NYLE

Tired of hearing the same old song/ Sick of taking advice/ I’ve been stuck here for far too long/ Had to break off my chains/ No more thinking of what went wrong, comfortingly sings the lead songstress. We’re used to hearing a IDGAF attitude on Rap beats and angry bars but NYLE is presenting us today with something totally different: a tranquil acoustic song of shocking severity and pragmatic comfort. Best part? The deeper you go in, the harder it gets to go out. Pay attention to the chorus. There’s some mind-blowing stuff in it! Like, have you ever thought what you’d act like if you had the chance to sell your soul for one day? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

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