The 5 Enviable Advantages Of Being Born In A Musically-Inclined Family

Artists born in families who’ve had at least one instrument played around the house or a singer doing his vocal warm-ups and scale runs, do not understand in the least just how much of a difference their exposure to such factors makes in their life as adults. Those formative years, up to 6 years old to be more precise, determine your pitch and musical ear. Consume enough “proper” music and you will be able to soon tell the difference between an amateur singer and a professional without much ado. However, not many of us have the luck in life to be exposed to the appropriate musical outlets as children. By proper and appropriate we mean music that is played on organic instruments and not autotuned mainstream stuff. If you’re a grown musician struggling to sing and hit notes, you’re likely coming from a non-artistic background therefore you have a wider gap to overcome between you and your competition. Read on just how much of an advantage the fortunate ones have and count your blessings if you are one of them!

5. Stage fright is not really a thing.

Because their singer mom used to perform in the house doing just about anything. Cooking? She was singing. Cleaning? Singing. Showering? Duh! Just by repeatedly witnessing someone in proximity to you doing a certain activity, you soon grow comfortable with it. It’s the same effect of “my toxic trait is thinking I could easily do this” present these days in the comments section on TikTok. But it is the truth. Passively consume something long enough and sooner than later you’ll think you know what the deal is. You likely don’t but your courage is tenfold superior to the folks who had no exposure to performing as children.

4. The patience for picking up an instrument comes naturally.

Because you’ve seen your father pick up his acoustic guitar religiously every day for 30 minutes a day. Passively studying and actively listening, it is very natural for you to take a liking to that same instrument. Not to mention how bonded you feel to your loved one when you play it. We’ve met countless artists who got specialized in playing one instrument over the other for nothing more than “my dad used to play the electric guitar in his garage every time after he finished working around the house. It becomes a mental discipline and factual understanding that craftsmanship takes commitment because you witnessed it. Whereas for the poor souls who never had anyone play an instrument around them in childhood, picking up an instrument becomes torture.

3. You have quite an understanding of what to expect from a music career.

Someone who can’t sing decently thinks that if they had the ability to do so, they would basically be successful overnight. Whereas someone who grew up with a great singer in the house knows that a powerful voice doesn’t take you anywhere unless you put intent and effort into taking it somewhere YOURSELF. You seriously can’t fathom how many singers who belt way better than Beyoncè, have very regular lives and jobs. A natural talent really does not equate a successful music career.

2. You have the ability to jam easier with others.

Especially if your beautiful parents and siblings let you be part every now and then of their performing routines. Like number 5, teamwork on stage and in the studio takes lots of time and repetition. Look at the biography of famous musicians and see how many of them were part of improvised family routines during the holidays and at birthday parties. It is a rare, beautiful thing that inherently educates the child into perceiving common stage experience as a normal part of being a musician. Your counterparts get stage fright and people fright if they don’t force themselves to make up for your experience over and over again. Yes, kids have a much easier time getting over their fears since their frontal lobes are barely developing.

1. You don’t question your passion for music.

We know this was unexpected but bear with us for a second. When children of successful musician parents grow up (success is relative to everyone in this case), psychologically they see it as a legacy to carry on. It never crosses their mind that maybe this isn’t their call or they were not made for this. They expect themselves to be in the music business so their confidence is palpable and their attitude – very business-like compared to those who come from non-musician backgrounds. And generally, it is much easier to stick it out when you don’t question the validity of your goals.

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